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Change Your Office Culture with Spinify

Transform your culture overnight using our leaderboard platform. Align your staff with your company goals and values, making sure everyone is on the same page at all times within the same office or globally.

Increase Sales Performance

Drive activities and results based KPIs from your staff with beautiful and engaging leaderboards

▲ 10%

increase in year over year sales

Motivate Your Employees

Make repetitive tasks fun through the power of gamification and keep your staff engaged

▲ 40%

increase in activities completed

Improve Company Culture

Highlights wins and successes. Spread the message you want to your team!

▲ 44%

uplift in monthly net profits

Features to Give You 100% Visibility on Performance

Spinify is jam packed with features – gamify your team by a little or a lot. The power is in your hands.

Track Performance

Use leaderboards to track rep performance on the tasks, KPIs and targets that you want your team to focus on and improve.

Improve Performance

Create competitions to get the team pushing each other as well as collaborative ones to join forces and get an uplift!

Celebrate Milestones

Spinify celebrates various goals and milestones they reach. Won a deal! Reached 90% of target! Had Birthday or work anniversary! You choose when and Spinify and your reps cheer them on.

Motivate Your Team

As a manager one of the hardest things to do is motivate your team in the daily grind of their tasks and progress to reach targets. Increase motivation and celebrate everyone’s wins as they happen, whether it’s big or small with personalised music videos. Make every moment epic

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Celebrate Your Team

Create friendly competition that builds a performance driven culture overnight.

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