Salesforce Gamification

In today’s tech-savvy world where entire businesses are run online, or with the help of online software, it is important to stay up to date with the latest technology. Salesforce, Gamification, CRM are all essential concepts for businesses to penetrate and flourish in the online market. However, despite their usefulness and popularity, many people are […]

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HubSpot Gamification

Getting HubSpot CRM is crucial for modern-day organizations as it helps them organize a lot of their dashboard in one simple place. That helps improve overall reporting and employee management. However, some people believe employing HubSpot CRM won’t automatically instill a sense of competition among employees.  CRM serves several different roles and can generally improve […]

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Microsoft Teams Gamification

Almost every modern business incorporates some sort of CRM software. CRM software is excellent for managing interactions and generating reports. However, many organizations make the mistake of believing that implementing CRM software; it’ll automatically help improve productivity. However, that’s not the case. CRM software can certainly help keep an eye on employee performance, but it’s […]

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Gamification in IT Staffing Recruitment

Back in 2004, Google placed a mystery billboard in the heart of Silicon Valley. Curious minds started to decode the billboard – and that’s exactly what Google wanted! Google used the art of gamification in their IT staffing recruitment process. Today, many companies use gamification in their IT staffing recruitment to attract top talent. Why? […]

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