Welcome to Spinify

Welcome to Spinify! Thanks for seeking us out to understand what we do and how we make Work, Fun. First of all, we start with reducing the administrative load for Sales and Service Managers in setting up, managing, and paying their target based staff for their performance in a competition called a Comp.

Why Play Games?

As long ago as the 1800’s, employers used specific contests to motivate their staff to do more activities and sell more things. Today employers are still looking for the tool that changes activity based behaviours in their staff. At Spinify we provide a gamified environment for you to run short-term contests to drive better business results, through increased staff productivity.

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Need help motivating your sales team? Spinify Leaderboard software is the answer.

106, 2021

8 Sales Enablement Best Practices

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If you’re asking, “what is sales enablement?”, we’ve gone in-depth into what it’s all about here, but if you need a tiny refresher, sales enablement is a “strategic, cross-functional discipline designed to increase sales [...]

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Serial entrepreneur who loves a deep dive into technology and applying it to solve business problems. Matt recognized that gamification of business activity processes would lead to greater staff engagement, increase productivity and motivate the team to do more, so that businesses sell more and grow more.