Why “Not Now – I’m Too Busy” is Possibly the Best Time to Buy

Tipping Not Now Into Yes Now 

Sales reps hear the words “Not now -I’m too busy, call me later” more times than they would like to when making calls to prospects. It’s often hard to think of a suitable reply to the clearly stressed, time poor and hard-pressed person on the end of the line. Reps can encounter this in large and small business market spaces with managers feeling that other projects are more important or that they won’t have time to evaluate a new solution. If they are responsible for a team then there are all the people and target issues to consume their time.

Most managers are struggling each day to get their staff to do more of the activities that deliver the business results and execs breathing down their backs asking for more, more, more. So in these circumstances who can put aside time for a demo or a trial. Even with no cost associated with the trial there is still an investment of effort.

That’s where Spinify can help. Our lively leaderboards provide an effective management of staff performance, by engaging, motivating and coaching staff to higher levels of activity and outcomes. Our customers have confirmed that Spinify keeps staff focused on the tasks at hand and has increased results for their teams and company.

The fact is quality sales enablement tools, like LevelEleven, free up your time, help your entire team meet and exceed monthly and quarterly goals and keep you from hyper-focusing on any single project too long. With LevelEleven’s Sales Management System, you and your team can operate at peak performance and focus on the metrics that matter. Here are five reasons companies have a sense of urgency to get up and running with LevelEleven:

How Does Spinify Do That

You should know that Spinify is an easy to use platform solution with a friendly, step by step installation process. We can have you up and running in an afternoon so that you can start evaluating how leaderboards positively impact your teams. Not only do we have comprehensive Help articles, our staff are available on Chat and on the phone to help you every step of the way and our team of experts understand at an industry level, the leaderboards you will need to motivate your staff. At least to start with!

Install in an Afternoon

Easy to Set Up

What Spinify Customers Say

We understand that you want to be comfortable that using Spinify is a good thing to do. You want:

  1. to be reassured that Spinify is indeed a good fit for their business
  2. reference other Spinify users when pitching the idea to their stakeholders
  3. learn what and how others have solved problems by using Spinify.

We have Customer Success Stories for that and you may also be interested to learn that our customers have seen quantifiable business results from using Spinify leaderboards:

  • 54% increase in outbound call 
  • 66% uplift in net profits 
  • 40% growth in completion of work based activities.  

You can achieve similar results – so why delay.

How Do Leaderboards Help Free Up Your Time

Leaderboards provide immediate performance feedback to your staff. The visibility of performance on an office TV motivates staff to do more activities in order to progress up the leaderboard. They can see if their work pOne of the most common reasons we hear “it’s not a good time” is because we’re speaking with sales leaders whose primary focus is helping their team meet their output is higher, equal to, or falling behind colleagues. This awareness prompts behavioral change.

Suddenly you have self managing individuals who are delivering better task completion. The healthy competition generated by leaderboards is augmented with an automated celebration of milestone and outcome achievements. And if you find that the metrics or targets are not getting the uplift you expected then you can adjust the leaderboards quickly and easily to test out different competition metrics and get team members focused on their activities.

What to do with the Freed Up Time

Spinify collects all staff performance data across all leaderboards and then calculates where each person sits on a 2×2 Performance Grid. We provide catching tips for each quadrant allowing managers to spend the greatest amount of time coaching their team to new levels of performance and excellence.  Spinify Scorecards and the Performance Grid provide managers with objective data to use in individual reviews, appraisals and coaching sessions.


Individual Performance Tools

The Performance Grid is also a useful management tool for evaluating if the metrics are correct. If all your staff are in the Rainmaker quadrant for example then the metrics and targets are probably soft. On the other hand if everyone is in the Snoozer Quadrant the metrics and targets might be too tough, or you may have a recruitment or onboarding issue.

Coaching Quadrants

Map Staff on multiple metric performance.


You can wait for us to call you or you could chat to us today!

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Serial entrepreneur who loves a deep dive into technology and applying it to solve business problems. Matt recognized that gamification of business activity processes would lead to greater staff engagement, increase productivity and motivate the team to do more, so that businesses sell more and grow more.