Customised Dashboards Display Actionable Staff Performance Data

Ranking individual or team progress against specific business activities encourages higher employee performance and productivity.

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Increase Motivation

Add fun and excitement to your team by having their performance ranked on an interactive leaderboard platform.

  • Clarify staff goals
  • Monitor progress against a target
  • Celebrate the top performers
  • Share the leaderboard on office TVs and apps

Improved Insights

Drive your team towards your target goal using motivating insights where they can see how close they are on the leaderboard or how hard they have to chase the leader.

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Leaderboard Features

Designed to make an immediate impact to your team members and company. Easy setup in minutes.

Team Goal

Get your team working in harmony with a leaderboard where the goal is for the team to complete 50 activities in one day.

Rev the Team

Need to light a fire under the team? Leaderboards provide visibility of performance. This motivates team members to complete more activities so they aren’t last


Get the team collaborating when each player needs to complete 30 activities otherwise no one wins. Watch as your seasoned pros start helping new staff so everyone wins.

Healthy Competition

Fuel the competition amongst the team by seeing who are the top five to complete 100 activities.

Set the Target

Celebrate team members who can hit their targets and complete their activities in a given timeframe. You control the game mechanics and celebrate the victories.

Plus More

Setup leaderboards as you need them, you choose the goals, timeframes, participants, rewards and metrics. Or use our pre-configured leaderboards.

Replace Competition Whiteboards

As a manager one of the hardest things to do is motivate your team in the daily grind of their tasks and progress to reach targets.

Our leaderboards provide team based competition or collaboration, you decide.

Setup is easy and can be completed in minutes.

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Setup is Easy

In less than fifteen minutes, you can turn your data into a leaderboard and start motivating staff to do more activities.

  1. Sign up with Spinify
  2. Connect the Spinify App to your app.
  3. Create a Leaderboard based on your data.

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Why wait another minute.  Spinify offers a free trial so you can get up and running and see for yourself how the leaderboards work with the apps you love to  motivate staff to perform better and be more engaged with the work they are doing, on a daily basis.

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