Engaged Employees Deliver Sales to Outperform Competitors

Leaderboards engage employees to trigger healthy competition as they see themselves highlighted

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Spinify Customers Are Engaged To Hit Company Targets

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Increase Engagement

Add fun and excitement to your team by ranking their performance and celebrating their achievements on a TV.

Data Visibility

Performance visibility boosts self awareness in sales staff. Awareness translates into self management.

Rep Recognition

Create recognition of efforts through competitive and collaborative leaderboards.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Drive a focus on achievement of the targets that are important for business success. Build employee engagement and add fun and excitement to your team by having their performance ranked on a leaderboard.

  • Clarify staff goals
  • Monitor progress against a target
  • Celebrate the top performers
  • Share the leaderboard on office TVs and apps
  • Engage your team

Improved Insights

Drive your team towards your target goal
using motivating insights where they can see
how close they are on the leaderboard or
how hard they have to chase the leader.

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