Monitoring And Motivating Your Staff with Online Dashboards

Instant Growth With Executive Dashboards

Dashboards designed for CEOs and Executives provide a high level view of the progress the team is making towards your targets.

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Using Dashboards To Increase Data Visibility

Visual Dashboards

Add fun and excitement to your team by creating custom dashboards to celebrate rep achievements.

Data Visibility

Provide easy access to performance metrics to boost self awareness in staff. Awareness translates into self management.

Sales Recognition

Managers and peers cheer sales rep victories and progress towards their targets with personalized celebrations.

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Visibility of Rep Performance

Dashboards provide a vital overview of your teams performance in a clear visual TV, to offer an unparalleled opportunity for everonne at all levels to clearly see what is happening.

  • Clarify staff goals
  • Monitor progress against a target
  • Celebrate the top performers
  • Share the leaderboard on office TVs and apps

Improved Insights

Without clear and visible data, it’s impossible to make educated or informed decisions, because you can’t understand the full range of your options. Make the best decisions in the best moment with a better insights into your team.