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Automated celebration

Kick off the celebration when you want every time. You choose when to celebrate the reps and when they complete milestones or tasks the TVs and Mobile Apps ring out. Celebrate your rep:

  • Winning a deal
  • Qualifying a lead
  • Making 50 calls
  • Hitting their targets
  • plus more…

Fully customizable

Customize the messages displayed specific to the deal they won or number of calls they made. You are in control. You can even choose to play a reps celebration song to help cheer them on.

Play your song

Reps can choose their celebration song to play when they reach a goal or milestone on a leaderboard!

Congratulate your reps

Send out a personalized celebration message to your reps congratulating them on their latest success or a quote from a client.

Ring the gong

Let reps be in command, with our virtual gong reps can customize a celebratory message from our mobile app and have it ring out throughout the office on the TVs.

Youtube videos

Let reps Personalize their celebration. Players can choose to upload songs or choose their own Youtube video to play along with their celebration.

Personalized Memes

Add a little fun into company announcements and activities reps need to complete with personalized Memes you can create and share on TVs.

Motivational Messages

Inspire everyone with well known motivational messages, a powerful incentive to try harder and believe in reaching their goals.

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