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Staff engagement

70% of staff are disengaged with their employer and their role. This leads to distraction and inactivity. Spinify helps increase their engagement leading to raised productivity, KPIs and better performance.

Company Culture

The way staff feel their company treats them has a huge impact on their performance. Change the culture in the office and get the team motivated with automatic celebrations, sharing great customer feedback with the team. Make your staff part of the team and see improved output.

Designed for 2020

With many integrations Spinify connects to the apps you use to pull in the data automatically. Once you setup the leaderboards you can then view them on TVs, desktops, mobile devices and if connected, Salesforce.

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Gamify your team

Don’t just focus on single KPIs. Using our Tiers and Badges reps earn Points across all their goals and work towards being the best. Setup celebrations, share messages or add countdown timers to build excitement towards reps goals.

Changing company culture with Gamification

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