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Lively Leaderboards: Hit Your Target!

Creating and maintaining competitions can be timely and boring. We automate the process with dynamic and engaging leaderboards. Productivity uplift and improved culture is the result.

5 Minutes setup. No credit card required.


Integrated Applications

Leaderboards for Salesforce
Leaderboards for Google Sheets
Leaderboards for Slack
Leaderboards for Zendesk
Leaderboards for Freshdesk
Leaderboards for Jira
Leaderboards for MyDesktop

Spinify Chat Bot

Create leaderboards with our super friendly Chat Bot “Spinify Sue”, No more complicated forms. “Spinify Sue” walks you through all the decisions required to setup a Spinify leaderboard in an conversational process to navigate the setup process.

Result, crazy fast setup that is fun

Easiest leaderboards to create
Showcase your top reps

Grow Productivity

70% of employees are disengaged from their employers. Leaderboards showing rep and company activities engage staff. Engaged staff are 3x more creative, and 31% more productive. Companies with engaged teams can out perform their competitors by 202%

Easiest motivation platform

The Easiest Motivation Platform

  • Link your data within seconds
  • Beautiful leaderboards in minutes
  • Monitor performance from a distance
  • See your reps progress to a target
  • See time tick tocking away for the rep
  • Reward with points, badges and levels
  • Celebrate the wins

Start using Spinify for free today

Cancel anytime. 14 days Free. No credit card required.

Leaderboards on any device

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