Google Sheets integrates with Spinify

Shopify + Spinify

Activity Tracked: Sales

google sheets integration


See sales pop up on the TV in near real time. Understand your best sellers and what isn’t moving! Take action. Spinify pulls data seamlessly from your Shopify account.

No coding or IT assistance is required. Simply connect your Shopify account and create leaderboards about your sales.

google sheets integration

Make Better Business Decisions Based on Current Sales Activity

Leaderboards provide immediate feedback on what products are moving through your Shopify account. You can intervene to change your product offerings or put slow moving items on sale to grow your business results.  Setup in minutes.

Spinify Leaderboards

Track Sales Targets and Motivate The Team

Create targets that you want to sell through the website, such as 100 orders processed or $5,000 sold.  Then launch a leaderboard tracks these sales and shares it with the team.

Spinify Leaderboards

How Running Leaderboards with Shopify Works

Spinify connects to your Shopify account. We pull key sales activity and display it as a leaderboard so you see sales as they happen and make decisions accordingly.

Managers control the mechanics of what displays on the leaderboard through the Achievements function. Launch your Shopify Channel easily to see business metrics in an engaging way.

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to your MySpinify account
  2. Authenticate your Shopify instance into Spinify
  3. Set up your leaderboard
  4. Deals in Shopify will update your leaderboard!

Start Today

Why wait another minute.  Signup for free today!  You can get up and running and see for yourself how turning Shopify data into a leaderboard will motivate your business managers to perform better on a daily basis.