Leaderboards for Bullhorn Recruiters

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Have your recruiters focused on building their pipeline and complete more placements through their recruitment cycle with leaderboards. Our direct integration with Bullhorn means leaderboards are updated automatically with your recruitment activities as they happen.

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Engage Recruiters

Engage recruiters by adding fun and excitement to their activities such as celebrating a new job submitted, ranking the number of placements made or how many contacts connected with this month on an interactive leaderboard.

Motivate Teams

Visibility of performance builds an organization culture of transparency.

Transparency changes behavior. Reps do more when they can see how close colleagues are on the leaderboard and a prediction of target achievement.

Improve Coaching

As a manager one of the hardest things to do is motivate your staff in the daily grind of completing tasks and progress against their targets.

Spinify provides performance monitoring and coaching tips based on your reps personal KPIs. Track and see predictive results to understand how the rep will perform this month.

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Easily sync data from Bullhorn to Spinify using our integration

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Automatically sync your teams performance

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Engage your team in healthy competition and improve rep performance


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Learn How Spinify Dashboards Motivate Teams

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Increase Business Results

Drive a focus on achievement of the targets that are important for business success. Build employee engagement and add fun and excitement to your team by having their performance ranked on a leaderboard.

  • Clarify staff goals
  • Monitor progress against a target
  • Celebrate the top performers
  • Share the leaderboard on office TVs and apps
  • Engage your team

Dashboard setup is easy

In less than fifteen minutes, you can turn your data into a leaderboard and start motivating staff to do more activities.

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