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Contests and Competitions To Engage Your Team

Spinify has a wide variety of game types, world styles, goal options, variety helps keep your team engaged.  Choose your desired target and Spinify keeps the team motivated to succeed.

Team Competitions
Competitions on all platforms

Lots Of Games

Our vision is to engage and motivate your staff to increase team productivity . With a growing number of game worlds to play in they never get bored

Various types of competitions for every type of goal:

  • Launch a rocketship
  • Head to the speedway
  • Go on a jungle expedition
  • Have a carnival challenge
  • Raise the thermometer to top and more!

Lift The Middle

Spinify games are designed to provide a lift in your team members performance. A combination of games, points, tiers, badges and more gamification metrics keep your staff engaged and builds a desire within them to get better at their job so they can succeed in the comps and in their careers.

iPhone competitions
Competitions on all plateforms

Goals For Every Purpose

Change the outcome for your business targets by changing the game type and the metric to be achieved. Have the team work together for a unified goal, challenge them to see who can hit a target the fastest, or present them with a BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal).

  • Team Collaborations
  • Head to head comps
  • Set a team goal
  • Elimination rounds
  • BHAG (Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal) to inspire the team, and so much more!