Gamification for the BIG SCREEN

A transparent gamified office environment celebrates the successes of the team.

Involve the whole office

When creating competitions to motivate staff, think outside the team.  Involving the entire office can be great for building excitement as the competition gets going. Get the entire office excited and pumped as teams compete to reach the goal.

Gamification on your wall

Our Apple TV app brings a full view of the competition to company like never before.  Cheer as reps race through a gamified environment, stats show when reps are moving up or down in the pack, sales highlights and other interesting moments are outlined to the office.  All shown on the Apple TV making it easy to flip between multiple competitions or focus on a single comp for the day.

Celebrate the win!

Celebrate someone winning a competition with the entire office.  Encourage team members and different departments to join in the excitement by publishing the results on the big screen. The Spinify Apple TV will broadcast the victory and standings and gets everyone involved.  Game On!

Download Our Cool App

Team members are always engaged in the competition when they can see it on the big screen celebrating their accomplishments. This ensures your team stay focused on their tasks, while having access to up to date standings and encourages hitting those goals.

Check it out!

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