Improve user adoption with easy set-up and onboarding (within minutes)!

Gain Visibility to Maximize Productivity

Gain greater visibility into user adoption. Leaderboards are updated in real time to continuously and consistently motivate staff to change their behavior. The result? Maximized individual and team productivity.

Track the Metrics that Matter to You

Track metrics that are aligned with your particular objectives and KPIs (e.g., the number of phone calls logged daily).

Target Key Processes

Learn and leverage valuable insights into important processes in your business. Once an entire process is complete, you can awards points to your team to incentivize them even further.

Customize Your Avatar

Performance and fun do not need to be mutually exclusive. Employees can choose their own avatar to represent their progress and performance – including a race car, hot air balloon and more!

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Connect Apps & Integrations

Get more work done with a suite of apps and integrations.


Changing company culture with Gamification

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