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Drive Results with Gamification

Get the guide to learn how to use gamification and sales contest to drive better results and more revenue.

What’s inside?

Chapter 1
An introduction to gamification and sales contests
Chapter 2
A breakdown of effective Sales Gamification strategies, including identifying the right goals, making informed decisions, and making it fun!
Chapter 3
Discover psychological effects Sales Contests have on your team, such as an increase in morale and motivation
Chapter 4
The importance of choosing the right KPIs to establish a creative, competitive culture.
Chapter 5
Learn the types of dashboards and analytics that can help your team succeed
Chapter 6
An overview of Gamification and why you should embrace it.
Chapter 7
The benefits of Sales Contents and their results.
Chapter 8
Discover the challenges of manually run competitions and how to tackle them with Spinify.

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