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Spinify uses sales gamification to create friendly competition that builds a performance driven culture overnight.

Since implementing Spinify, our sales have increased by 25% month-over-month.
Michael Fusco
Fusco Orsini

Add Sales Gamification To Increase Rep Performance

Finalize Salesforce Setup

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How to turn into leaderboards

Download Spinify from the AppExchange

Connect directly to your Spinify account

Decide which reports and dashboards to turn into a leaderboard

Setup Is Easy

  1. Login to Your MySpinify Account
  2. Integrate Your Salesforce instance into Spinify
  3. Map Your Salesforce Users to Your Spinify Users
  4. Set up your Leaderboard
  5. Update Salesforce objects and reports to move up the ladder!
Spinify create a Salesforce Leaderboard
Finalize Salesforce Setup

Gamification Software That’s Easy To Setup

In less than fifteen minutes, you can turn your data into a leaderboard competitions to start motivating staff to do more activities.

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Finalize Salesforce Setup