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Spinify keeps office culture of fun and excitement in 4one4 Real Estate

Teams using Spinify:
Sales team
  • Enjoyed Spinify gamification concepts and motivated the team to be on top of the leaderboard

  • Helped push the sales productivity level up

Bring Office Fun and Excitement to the Next Level

Patrick Berry is the manager at 4one4 real estate in Tasmania, Australia. Sales culture at 4one4 real estate is part of fun and exciting and Spinify helped to bring their office culture to the next level.

Patrick and their team enjoyed Spinify gamification concepts and it motivated them to be on top of the leaderboard.

“I remember one time when we were using Spinify, we track our appraisals that we do each month and myself and another agent, we’re going back and forth, 1st and 2nd place, 1st and 2nd place and it came down to the last day. And I’ve never worked so hard to try to find a couple of more leads to do to try and get extra points on the board to make sure I won. And I know he was thinking exactly the same. So the boards really do help push that productivity level up”,Partrick says.

“I never worked as hard to find a couple more leads to do to try and get a couple more points on the leaderboard to win… If your sales leader is looking to increase your productivity, you can’t really go pass Spinify.”

Patrick Berry

Director at 4one4 Real Estate

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“If you’re a sales leader, running your sales team and you’re looking to create a different sales culture or improve sales culture, highly recommend using Spinify”

“I would highly recommend a product like Spinify for other sales leaders. We find that it’s really fun way to share knowledge with the team”