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Spinify helps facilitate a sales culture of fun competition and recognition

Teams using Spinify:
Sales Team
  • Created an environment of fun competition and recognition for a partnership and collaboration sales culture
  • Increased the delivery of sales activities and sales results

Helping Facilitate the Culture of Fun Competition and Recognition

Eric is the SVP of Sales at Nexa. Nexa provides reception services for small and medium sized businesses and the sales culture in their workplace is partnership, and collaboration. What Eric is looking for is to create an environment of fun competition and recognition.

“It really created an environment where through Spinify, we’re able to actually use that as a tool to help facilitate the culture of fun competition and recognition.”

As a manager, Eric loves about the real-time visualisation of data and results brought by Spinify. Eric shares, “Specifically, I like the leaderboard seen where everybody has individually and so as a team both from a sales perspective and also from a revenue perspective.” For teams, their favorite feature is when the custom music video plays out every time they close a deal. It’s just awesome.

Another Spinify Tremendous Impact

Eric recognises that the impact that Spinify had has been tremendous in two ways primarily. One is to help Nexa create a culture of fun competitions and the other is really around sales results and how that makes competitions take place day in and day out. As everyone wants to be one the top of the leaderboard, “..so it’s created an environment which increases not only the culture of the environment but also the results of the delivery kind of basis.” Eric highlights.

“if you’re a sales leader, running your sales team and you’re looking to create a different sales culture or improve sales culture, highly recommend using Spinify on creating that cultural fun and competition couple of raising the bar, overall sales organization and your team.”

Eric Owen

Senior Vice President at Nexa

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