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Punch! are Account-Based Marketing specialists. They are experts in creating, nurturing and developing business opportunities; from the moment they first hear your name right through to the point of sale.

Punch! + Spinify

In August 2017, Punch! Director, Annetta Snider was looking for a way to replace the whiteboards in her office environment. Punch! are B2B lead generation & ABM specialists. They are experts in creating, nurturing and developing business opportunities; from the moment a client first hears your name right through to the point of sale. They are based in Surrey, UK.

Early research by Annetta resulted in her reaching out to Spinify. She was looking for a solution that could offer the visualization of people, projects and rewards all in one place, and she felt Spinify may provide a good fit.

She saw that Spinify provided a more dynamic interactive solution to her current whiteboards which were grubby with constant writing and erasing. In addition, the whiteboard did not fit in with their glossy stylish vibe in the office!

How Punch Projects are Tracked

The current system of tracking results didn’t meet the Punch! requirement for consistent performance information. Their requirement included a system that would automatically update across both staff and client projects. The management team needed to know at any given time how projects were performing and whether targets were being met and in addition how staff were contributing to these projects.

Annetta was keen to introduce a better rewards incentive scheme for her staff, as well as transparency of performance. Managers wanted to motivate the team in an empowering and positive way to ensure growth at personal and professional levels. For this reason, Annetta chose to customize her leaderboards by showing only the top 10 Performers for example or only showing people with a score above zero.

Punch! prides itself on its innovative nature and like to apply innovation and creativity across everything they do. Spinify helped them extend their innovative approach to all aspects of staff performance.

How Punch People are Tracked

Punch! Management were looking for a way to monitor staff learning as well as promote appropriate life balance and a healthy lifestyle within the workplace. Their current system was not stepping up to their expectations. They saw that Spinify could deliver what they wanted.

They came up with the idea of Punch! Points which are allocated for activities such as:

  1. Class based or online learning activities
  2. Yoga
  3. Working out
  4. Achieving Results

And can be exchanged for real life rewards such as movie tickets (400 points) or a dinner out (2000 points). They use the Spinify gamification to its fullest extent in encouraging a healthily competitive work environment with staff striving to achieve new Badges and Tier levels.

“We have seen a growth in results and staff competitiveness since we started using Spinify! It visually looks great and is easy to use too!”

Hannah Snider-Muldoon

Office Manager – Punch! Generation

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“One of the things I really like about Spinify is it talks directly to my CRM. Means it I don’t have to do anything to ensure that the bullets stay up to date and everyone knows exactly where they stand on the leaderboards.”