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Ray White Redcliffe

Founded 1902 – raywhiteredcliffe.com.au

Driving more appraisals, listings and sales with increased visibility from Spinify

Ray White offers unparalleled technology, dedication and a real passion for customer service, to help people list, sell, rent and buy properties.

What do you and your team like best?

At a glance, we can see who is achieving their KPI’s and who isn’t. It adds a visual, competitive component that was missing from our business.

Spinify has helped our team visualise where they are at in real time. Everyone is on the same page and heading towards the same goals.
Andrew Campbell
Business Owner

What is your primary role when using this product?

I am the Principal of the agency and use the data to praise those team members that are meeting their KPI’s and identify the ones that may need more help, training or motivation.

What business problems are you solving with Spinify?

With everyone’s numbers and results being so visual, there is a higher level of accountability which is pushing our team to appraise, list and sell more property. This has led to more consistency in our overall results.

The Results

Team members that were previously quiet achievers, now receive more recognition and praise from other team members. Team members that are struggling with a certain aspect of their business can easily identify who in our team can help them improve just by looking at the results on the board.

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