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35% increase in sales performance with Spinify

Teams using Spinify:
Sales Team

TRG is the leading mobile managed solutions and service provider in the data collection, mobility and barcode printing industry.

What do you and your team like best?

The design & versatility (visibility) of the leaderboards. I think the layout of the leaderboards is straightforward to build and to read. Our sales reps are commissioned on two varieties of sales (Service Revenue & Hardware Profit). The design gives us the ability to display multiple leaderboards on one channel that gives visibility to both of these metrics and the options to display their current amounts as a % of each individual’s target since the goal for each sales rep can vary.

What benefits have you realized?

Increase visibility to current information driving future growth. In the spirit of sales & using metrics to drive competition amongst the sales reps, we did not previously have a way to give the entire team visibility to these metrics due to security concerns within Salesforce.

The results:

Comparing Q1 2018 to Q1 2019 (With a week remaining in March 2019 and a carry over to close out the month), as of today, we’ve seen an approximate 35% growth in both metrics compared to same quarter sales in 2018.

I think Spinify has helped us a drive a culture of competition that has help boost sales and continue our growth. I think Spinify has started to bring to light performance (on both ends) for our sales team as well as give continual visibility and in some cases, reassurance & sense of accomplishment, to those sales reps that are high performers or newer sales reps that are beginning to increase their sales. This has also been a positive by making accurate and up-to-date information readily available at all times.

“We’ve seen an approximate 35% growth in metrics compared to same quarter sales in 2018 with Spinify.”

Doug Burkhart

Salesforce Administrator – TRG Repair

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“One of the things I really like about Spinify is it talks directly to my CRM. Means it I don’t have to do anything to ensure that the bullets stay up to date and everyone knows exactly where they stand on the leaderboards.”

“… it creates that competitive character of your salespeople, no one wants to be at t