Salesforce Administrations

Engage. Motivate. Coach.

Salesforce Administrations

Looking to improve upon adoption rate and get more staff updating Salesforce Leads, Deals, Tasks, and more?

Spinify Lively Leaderboards engages and motivates staff to follow process and properly track their KPIs.

Our coaching solution is built to help managers understand strengths and weaknesses.

Spinify for your team

Track and improve staff performance. Create leaderboards across a variety of KPIs and Goals designed to get an uplift from reps on your Sales and Operation teams customized for your company.


Celebrate closing tickets and cases with automated achievements to get the team engaged

Engage the team

Customize the celebration to match the goals you want the team to accomplish, such as closing a priority ticket or getting great customer feedback.


Create leaderboards to track activities and improve staff following the right process.

Motivate the team

With Spinify Lively Leaderboards staff stay motivated to hit their targets with built in gamification to help get the uplift you are looking for.


Gain insights on how the team is performing and gain useful coaching tips.

Coach the team

Track various tasks and performance with the Spinify Performance grid to know how is following the right process or who is struggling.

Real life ROI

Growing a business is an epic journey. Engage your team on the journey and motivate them to succeed. Everyone wants to see progress towards their own targets and those of their company.

Visibility of performance data drives activity. Celebrating wins along the way encourages even more work effort. Everyone wants to be recognized for their contribution. Take your team on the journey with you.


Increase In
Year over year sales


Uplift In
Monthly Net Profits


Happiness and Excitement

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