Engage. Motivate. Coach.

Recruitment and Spinify


Recruitment and Spinify pair perfectly. Whether you are looking to improve the number of candidates available or fill existing jobs, Spinify helps modernize and streamline your business.

  • Personalize
    100’s of Photo + Video backgrounds
  • Higher Sales
    27% Higher Sales Than Disengaged Colleagues
  • Easy Setup
    Takes less then a few minutes to setup in full
  • Engage
    Staff 31% Higher Productivity
  • Motivate
    Over 20+ screen types
  • Coach
    Insights Using Spinify Performance Grid

Salesforce is the largest CRM of choice for businesses. Monitor employee performance in a highly visible way with Leaderboards set on their key business activies.

Google Sheets

Rank team performance, display on a TV and celebrate progress. Leaderboards run automatically after simple setup.

More integrations

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Set individual targets for each of your recruiters so they aim for the right goals. You decide which targets to focus on, which helps drive the team in the right direction. Here are some examples of targets used by Recruiters:

  • Value of all commissions earned in the quarter
  • Number of jobs filled this week
  • Number of candidates interviewed for the month
Set individual targets
get jobs filled quicker

Jobs filled

Want to get jobs filled quicker? Setup Lively Leaderboards to track activities to build your candidate pool and celebrate when jobs are filled to drive engagement for recruiters and motivate them to hit targets for the month.

Engage the team

Office culture is critical to success in any recruitment business. Keeping recruiters engaged is a real challenge. Using Spinify it is super easy to add motivational messages like:

  • Personal messages
  • Live streaming content
  • Youtube videos
  • Web pages
  • Static images
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Keep recruiters engaged

Gamify staff with engaging competitions.