I work a lot with fast growing businesses, and Spinify has been a great tool to make sure we execute well from our strategic plans.
Paul O’Dwyer

Spinify for Service Teams

All kinds of Service Teams

Spinify has partnered with popular data apps Freshdesk, Zendesk and Salesforce Service Cloud making it easy for managers to motivate service staff. Gamifying activities turns routine, iterative tasks into fun competitions that staff are engaged with and are motivated to do more to do better than their work colleagues.

How teams are using Leaderboards

As a manager you can set targets that focus staff on the tasks you need them to do to achieve your business service goals. You can motivate staff by running a variety of comps amongst your team. You will have an idea who your top performers are and usually they don’t need extra motivation. Then you have your core performers and the laggards. Splitting the team to ensure comps are run on a level playing field means more people experience the “winning feeling” and are motivated to try even harder next time. The comp might also tell you that some people are not suited for this particular role.

The Results

The leaderboard provides immediate feedback and prompts people to do more activities. When they win it’s important to celebrate by bringing people together and recognizing the outstanding performers. In our globalized world your players may be in different locations and that’s why we invented a virtual gong. The gong is set off by the comp winner and sounds on all players phones, regardless of where they are in the world.

You want to get the best out of all team members and improve the Return on Investment in recruitment programs, learning and development programs and other retention strategies. Gamification allows you to adjust the comps to ensure a continually improving level of performance. The results are measureable and can then be used for reporting to company executive and the CFO.

Spinify Clients Report


increase in outbound calls


more activities completed