Keep everyone feeling like they’re part of the team and engaged on their goals.

Better Visibility on Daily Tasks

Keep staff focused on what matters most and share how the whole team is performing to build competition among the players.

Work Together From Anywhere

Stop reviewing static reports with reps once a month. Instead, display the data on your office TV in real time. Create instant and compelling competitions that get real results.

Set Goals to Inspire

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re on your own. Fix that with Spinify and set individual goals that inspire your team to push towards them.

Designed for the Desktop

Celebrate the team, notify them about changes, keep them informed using our Chrome Extension to keep then connected to the company and the culture.

Uplift the Home Office

Create an environment in everyone’s home that makes them feel like part of the team. Provide a sense of worth and accomplishment when they are working towards a big company target.

Use Gamification to Motivate

Gamifying your company will motivate your sales staff. Celebrate their wins, cheer on hitting milestones, excite the team to perform.

Spinify is full of features to improve work from home.

Advanced Coaching Tools


Compete on common goals or collaborate on big company ones. Everyone stays connected.

Personalized Gamification Badges

Company Culture

Extend your office culture into their home. Keep everyone in the loop and celebrating.

Integrations To Your Data


Create points and badges to add some fun to hitting their targets.

Advanced Coaching Tools

Company Announcements

Share vital company info on a TV channel to share with everyone.

Personalized Gamification Badges

Personal Celebrations

Create personalized celebrations on the web, TVs, and mobile apps. Cheer them on.

Integrations To Your Data

Coaching Tools

Understand your strengths and weaknesses to hit your KPIs.

Changing work from home culture with Gamification