Create Employee Recognition And Boost Performance

Recognize Employees By Celebrating Milestones

Real time leaderboard updates on the office TV automates employee recognition and celebration of winners.

Sales Gamification Solution To Motivate Reps

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Advanced Coaching Tools
Personalized Gamification Badges
Integrations To Your Data
Advanced Coaching Tools

Instant Setup

Understand teams strengths and weaknesses to create smarter KPIs.

Personalized Gamification Badges

Engaging Designs

Motivate with badges and tiers , earning by accomplishing goals.

Integrations To Your Data

Gamification to Excite

Automation competitions with taking data from almost anywhere.

Common uses of Spinify.

Improve User Adoption of CRM and Processes
Friendly Competitions
Staff Recognition
Improve User Adoption of CRM and Processes

Fun Competitions

  • Increase usage of a new product
  • Improve adoption of a new process
  • Get consistency in your company
  • Increase ROI in all your software
Friendly Competitions

Instant Visibility

  • Improve engagement with visibility
  • Easy setup and maintenance
  • Gamify your reps KPIs and Targets
  • Super fun competitions
Staff Recognition

Shared Goals

  • Always recognize achievements
  • Make repetitive tasks fun
  • Team Bonding through Celebrations
  • Higher employee satisfaction

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