Foster Healthy Competition With Spinify

Performance thrives when teams collaborate. Spinify fosters healthy competition to boost your team’s productivity and performance.

Happy Customers have declared Spinify a G2’s Best Sales Gamification Software for the second year in a row. 

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Empowerment through Gamification

Shift your sales team’s mindset from stress and frustration to confidence and drive. Spinify, a best sales gamification software, utilizes a unique approach that taps into the psychology of motivation, igniting a transformative journey.

Empowerment through Gamification

Cultivate a Winning Culture

Break free from the half-empty glass mentality. Spinify, a sales gamification platform, helps sales leaders foster a culture of belief, resilience, and growth. Inspire your team to see challenges as opportunities and embrace a positive outlook.

Cultivate a Winning Culture

Accelerate Sales Triumphs

Fuel your team’s motivation and reignite their passion for success. Spinify’s gamification methodology brings out the best in each salesperson, propelling them to exceed targets and achieve remarkable results.

Accelerate Sales Triumphs

Drive Lasting Change

It’s time to transcend fear and limitations. Spinify empowers sales leaders with the tools and insights needed to transform their sales teams and create a lasting impact on performance and culture. Gamify your sales process and gamify sales teams with Spinify to unlock their full potential.

Spinify reward team

Unlock the Power of Gamification Psychology

Harness the proven power of gamification for sales to engage, motivate, and reward your sales team. Spinify’s innovative platform combines game mechanics, real-time feedback, and recognition, fostering a winning mindset and unlocking the power of gamification and sales.

Unlock the Power of Gamification Psychology

30 minutes now,
multiply your sales later!

Mini-Case Studies: Real Stories of Success

Discover how our customers achieved remarkable results with Spinify


Addressing sales performance challenges, Druva turned to Spinify to improve operations, with their sales operations manager navigating initial unfamiliarity and Salesforce integration issues.

Looking To Solve:

The primary goals were to increase monthly leads, meetings, and overall sales activities, while expanding the sales pipeline and improving data accuracy.


“The performance of the games helps zero in people’s focus and really underscore areas of focus that the business wants people to drive behaviours to, and I think that the tool has masterfully done both of those things.”
Daniel P
Daniel Poochigian
Senior Sales Operations Analyst
1000 Employees
Monthly leads increased year-over-year in six months
Pipeline expanded over two consecutive quarters
More calls made
Increase in sales activities completed
Meetings booked doubled in eight months.

Looking To Solve:

Toon Boom faced sales challenges due to low activity levels. They were looking to increase sales activity accuracy, boost call volume, and enhance revenue.


Toon Boom’s transformative journey with Spinify began as a strategic move to tackle low sales activity levels and the need for enhanced team motivation. The introduction of Spinify was a game-changer, igniting a competitive spirit among the sales team. This competitive environment, coupled with the drive for accuracy in sales activities, propelled Toon Boom to achieve remarkable sales growth.


“In May, we introduced Spinify, focusing keenly on activities. It’s thrilling to see how it transformed our team’s dynamics. We’re salespeople—naturally drawn to competition and ‘pretty numbers’—and Spinify fueled this competitive spirit brilliantly.”
lisa F
Lisa Feigl
Sales Operations Manager
200 Employees
Average revenue increase month-over-month for 5 months
Average increase in call volume month-over-month in 5 months

Looking To Solve:

Lynx Recruitment, aiming to enhance their recruitment metrics, faced challenges in improving candidate calls, placements, and interview rates.


Implementing Spinify significantly enhanced Lynx Recruitment’s key metrics, boosting productivity and fostering a competitive yet cooperative team atmosphere. This underscores Spinify’s role in elevating recruitment efficiency and overall success.


“The greatest thing about Spinify is its transformative effect in a sales environment. It’s about making everyone’s performance visible and clear. This visibility not only shows where you stand but also guides you on how to improve. Spinify facilitates both.”
Sam S
Sam Schofield
Marketing Manager
Recruitment and HR Services
193 Employees
Achieved a week-over-week increase in candidate calls over 14 weeks
Week-over-week increase in placements for the past 14 weeks.
Enhanced candidate interview rates week-over-week in the last 14 weeks.

Looking To Solve:

Dynamic SLR focused on enhancing sales metrics and fostering team competitiveness through streamlined sales competitions. The goal was to boost kWh sales, win more deals, and increase door-knocking activities by leveraging a solution that motivates the team and allows for real-time performance tracking to drive sales growth.


The implementation of Spinify led to notable enhancements in team productivity and competitiveness. By leveraging real-time data and gamification, Dynamic SLR not only met but exceeded its sales targets, showcasing the powerful impact of integrating innovative sales motivation tools.


“Spinify has revolutionized sales gamification by transforming our culture into one of active engagement and recognition. The platform ensures every achievement is noticed, moving beyond traditional management acknowledgments. This democratization of recognition motivates our team to embrace challenges and strive for excellence”
Justin Gift
Sales Manager
Solar and Energy Management
123 Employees
Achieved a week-over-week increase in candidate calls over 14 weeks
Week-over-week increase in placements for the past 14 weeks.
Enhanced candidate interview rates week-over-week in the last 14 weeks.

Your industry, your demo.
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Unleash the Power of AI in Sales Gamification with Sidekick

Tired of crafting motivational messages manually?

Simplify setup, personalize engagement, and celebrate every win with AI-powered insights.

Sidekick Features:

Personalized Suggestions: Instantly generate tailored competition, badge, and messaging ideas based on your data.
Dynamic Accolades: Celebrate achievements with personalized, auto-generated messages that resonate with each player.
Seamless Celebrations: Ring the gong and send automatic messages for team and individual wins.
Save Time & Resources: Focus on strategy, not manual setup, with instant AI-driven guidance.
Differentiate & Lead: Embrace industry-first AI technology and stay ahead of the curve.

Sidekick Benefits:

Faster Setup: Get started quickly with personalized recommendations.
Individualized Engagement: Customize the experience and celebrate wins with Dynamic Accolades.
Data-Driven Results: Achieve goals with elements designed to drive desired behaviors.
Flexibility & Control: Refine suggestions to perfectly align with your company culture.
Effortless Motivation: Save time and effort with automatic motivational messages.

Find Your Perfect Fit


Essential features for small businesses.

Starts at
$70 USD/month
Billed at $840 USD per year
$12 USD / seat

Advanced features for expanding businesses.

Starts at
$375 USD/month
Billed at $4,500 USD per year
$14 USD / seat

Comprehensive solution for rapidly growing businesses.

Starts at
$800 USD/month
Billed at $9,600 USD per year
$20 USD / seat

Fully customizable for large enterprises.

Gain insights at your pace.
It’s about learning, not pushing.

Level up results with gamification

Add friendly competition to drive motivation and give your team the recognition they crave, all while boosting data and performance visibility to the max! Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging with gamification.