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Motivate your team to perform better by making each goal more rewarding to reach. Sales gamification software can inspire your team to reach new targets in a fun, sustainable way.

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How Gamification in Sales Works

Sales gamification KPIs become highly visual targets your employees can work towards. As they progress towards their goals, employees receive points, badges, and level-ups that reward their progress and drive them on to new heights. Spinify’s top sales gamification software creates an easy-to-use, visually pleasing interface that’s designed to boost motivation, and grow sales. Build a sense of competition with gamification scoreboards and bragging rights, or create something more personal with badges and levels (your sales team is ready for it).


Reward points and bragging rights for every target or milestone achieved.



Set up automatic badges based on activities or goals to reward the achievers.



Create tiers to encourage better performance and help your team members compare stats.

Why gamify your workflow with Spinify?

Use Spinify’s innovative sales gamification tools to create friendly competition within your team and motivate individuals to boost their performance (here’s the best way). Gamification is a tried and tested way of increasing motivation, improving collaboration, and providing instant feedback. With Spinify, you can easily set targets for your sales team, create engaging sales contests and track performance in an engaging way. Everybody wants to reach that next level or earn the badge they’ve been working towards, and a sales gamification platform put this psychological phenomenon to good use. It works for games like Candy Crush, and it also works when you’re trying to boost your team’s sales!

Adam Latham

Adam Latham

Vice President of Growth Strategy, Double A Solutions, LLC

We have increased production month over month, every month even during covid. The gamification is an excellent way to motivate your teams on a daily basis.

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The benefits of gamification for company culture

Gamification can have a highly positive impact on company culture. Sales is a naturally competitive environment, and managers need to be able to use this in a positive way. When used in the wrong way, this competition can lead to silos, infighting, and more, but sales gamification changes this. There are still great incentives to reach targets, but it creates a fun, collaborative environment that employees thrive in. Sales gamification breaks big targets into smaller chunks, making them easier to achieve. The interactive nature of the sales gamification dashboards keep employees more engaged with their goals, and automated rewards mean they never miss out on the recognition they deserve. By setting clear, manageable goals, and creating an enjoyable sales environment, you improve team accountability, increase employee performance, and retain more employees.
Retain more employees

Retain more employees

Improves team accountability

Improves team accountability

Increase employee performance

Increase employee performance

Make work more rewarding

Sales gamification offers new ways to reward your employees when they achieve success.

automated celebration

Automated celebration

Kick off the celebration when you want every time.
fully customizable

Fully customizable

Create custom messages for any occasion.

play your song

Play your song

Choose the celebration song for every goal and milestone.

congratulate your reps

Congratulate your reps

Send personalized messages to your team to celebrate them.

ring the gong

Ring the gong

Have virtual gongs ring with your custom message for the team.

youtube videos

Youtube videos

Get creative and upload songs or choose a video to play along with the celebration.

personalized memes

Personalized Memes

Inject some personality into your announcements with personalized memes.

motivational messages

Motivational Messages

Inspire the team to keep doing their best.

Increase in customer communication
Monthly celebrations per rep
Average daily SAOs
B2B Sales
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Why Sales Gamification Works

From being a buzzword to something gimmicky, sales gamification was used to label a bunch of different things. But most of them were not actually relevant to actual sales gamification.

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Keep your team engaged and connected

Inspire teamwork and individual effort to boost productivity and morale.


The Worlds #1 Sales Gamification Platform

Other sales gamification companies may make big claims about what they offer, but under deliver. You deserve the best! Spinify is the best sales gamification platform on the planet, and we have the data, features, stats, and testimony to back up that claim! We make it easy to gamify your team’s day to day by integrating with the most popular CRMs and Data apps. PLUS, if you find we don’t integrate with your data app, we have multiple easy-to-use alternative solutions available to connect any data platform you use.

Motivate your team to perform better by making each goal more rewarding to reach.

A change of pace without disrupting your workflow

Spinify integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

See what our Customers are saying


Gamification of my stats makes it more exciting to keep track of where I am at for the month.

Ellie Downs
Ellie Downs

Ellie Downs


The biggest problems we are able to solve with Spinify is keeping our agents engaged and in friendly competition with each other, we noticed an incredible uplift the moment we implemented Spinify as the agents were able to see key metrics of their performance and their peers

Omer Subedar
Omer Subedar

Vice President Retail Support, MAX Credit Union


We love how visual it is! The leader-boards encourage healthy competition and staff achievements are recorded in real-time, when someone wins an award, everyone can celebrate the success! We also love using it to advertise exciting news/events etc.

Jennet Miles
Jennet Miles

HR Manager, Punch!


Our sales team is remote and Spinify has allowed our folks to stay competitive using the Salesforce tab, the mobile app, and the daily winner emails. It’s really helped us to work more tightly.

Bryce M
Bryce M



The product is easy to integrate, just some minor integration with our Salesforce account and we were creating flashy content for our Sales Room Floor. Required no real insight as to how to build and configure reports as they are all available from templates.

Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy

Director of Sales & Customer Experience, RingByName


The absolute simplicity of the platform. it does not try to do everything to help a team stay on track, but what it does, it does exceptionally well. It is visually attractive, and has been designed with gamification principles in mind

Paul O'Dwyer
Paul O’Dwyer

Scaling Up Coach for Tech Companies, Director, Investor, Ex-CEO

Level up results with gamification

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging. Add friendly competition to drive motivation and give your team the recognition they crave, all while boosting data and performance visibility to the max!