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Integrated data apps mean you just need to confirm access. Spinify then handles all the syncing and leaderboards can be up and running in minutes.

Spinify App Partners

Spinify + Google Sheets

Rank team performance, display on a TV and celebrate progress. Leaderboards run automatically after simple setup.

Spinify + Salesforce

Automatically display pre-configured or custom reports as Leaderboards on mobile, browser or TV devices. 

Spinify + Shopify

Get your team excited by seeing deals on the TV as they happen! See your office performance in real time.

Spinify + slack

Enhance business transparency by displaying team leaderboards based on collaborative comments.

Spinify + MyDesktop

Create competition between agents. Leaderboards show top performers and big deals. Agents will strive harder to be #1. 

Spinify + Jira

Shorten time to market by ranking performance related to development tasks on leaderboards.

Spinify + Zendesk

Close tickets faster by displaying team performance on a leaderboard for all the office to see. 

Spinify + Freshdesk

Improve team productivity by syncing report data on support activities and turning it into leaderboards. 

Coming Soon

We are excited about the next wave of integrations coming to the platform.

Spinify Integration + QuickBooks
Spinify Integration + NetSuite
Spinify Integration + Rollbar
Spinify Integration + Pipedrive
Spinify Integration + Zoho
Spinify Integration + Zapier
Spinify Integration + Dynamics
Spinify Integration + ConnectWise
Spinify Integration + Intercom
Spinify Integration + NimbleStorage
Spinify Integration +

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Don’t see your desired app? Let us know which app you would like us to integrate with.