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Ray White Real Estate

In mid 2017, Spinify was approached by a local Canberran (Spinify is headquartered in Australia’s national capital) Real Estate franchise who found us after googling gamification. Scott Jackson, Director at Ray White Belconnen, wanted to better engage his Agents and motivate them to do more of the lead activities that generate a property sale. He knew that the best focus for an Agent, regardless of experience, was on those lead indicator tasks.

Global Payments

Global Payments is a payment services provider. They have around 25,000 e-commerce customers. They help business get into online selling and then manage and grow their businesses. They run inbound and outbound call centers to handle customer inquiries and sales. They have 70 TV’s in their office to display team member activity performance. This iterative function requires constant engagement and motivation of the reps.

Sales Teams + Spinify

Sales people are driven by winning. They want to close the deal, make the sale, conquer another client. When they win their brains release dopamine, the happy drug released by the hypothalamus. They will continue to strive to win in order to feel this good.  The role of a manager in a company is to establish as many possible “win points” in the progress to target achievement. These can be achieved by gamifying all sales activities so that sales people win more often, get a dose of dopamine and strive more for the next winning feeling.

Service Teams + Spinify

Even the most loyal and dedicated staff can grow disenchanted with doing the same tasks, day after day. Managers of service teams want to motivate staff to do more of their daily activities. More activities applied to customers, tickets or cases means better resolution of issues and better customer satisfaction. The question is how to do this? Spinify provides the answer with the gamification of any activity. As staff update their daily activities, Spinify takes the data and transforms it into a game.

Trusted By Our Brilliant Customers

I work a lot with fast growing businesses, and Spinify has been a great tool to make sure we execute well from our strategic plans.

Paul O’Dwyer
Specialist Growth Advisor, Director

The automation afforded by the APIs with various CRM systems is a huge benefit – this allows us to set and forget the leaderboards and have our sales team engaged with stock movement.

Theo Field
I.T. & Systems Manager

Spinify gives you the ability to engage and motivate your sales staff while providing excellent and easily visible data for the whole team to view.

Joel Watson
Cloud | InfoSec | eCommerce | FinTech