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Spinify Clients Report


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How It Works

Leaderboards displayed on office TV and App.

Add your team members to Spinify and set their targets

Engage your team in healthy competition and boost sales

Sales Activity

After a simple set-up, leaderboards are automatically on. Scores and rankings change as your reps update activity information. You reward staff achievements with Points and Badges. Gamification drives healthy competition. Competition drives excellence.

Easiest leaderboards to create
Easiest leaderboards to create

Create A Recognition Culture

Visibility of staff performance builds cultural transparency at the organization level. Use Points and Badges to reward staff for activities, large or small. Encourage staff to do more. Recognize with personalized celebration screens and their own song.

Improved Insights

Visibility of performance builds an organization culture of transparency. Transparency changes behavior. Reps do more when they can see where colleagues are on the leaderboard and a prediction of their target achievement.

Easiest motivation platform
Employee Performance Monitoring

Gain Coaching And Performance Insights

Spinify provides performance monitoring and coaching tips based on your reps personal KPIs.  Track and see predictive results to understand how the rep will perform this month.

Trusted By Our
Brilliant Customers

I work a lot with fast growing businesses, and Spinify has been a great tool to make sure we execute well from our strategic plans.

Paul O’Dwyer
Specialist Growth Advisor, Director

The automation afforded by the APIs with various CRM systems is a huge benefit – this allows us to set and forget the leaderboards and have our sales team engaged with stock movement.

Theo Field
I.T. & Systems Manager

Spinify gives you the ability to engage and motivate your sales staff while providing excellent and easily visible data for the whole team to view.

Joel Watson
Cloud | InfoSec | eCommerce | FinTech

Achieve More.

Watch this short video to see how Spinify changes behaviors and enables teams to achieve unbelievable results.

How To


Add fun and excitement to your team by ranking their performance and celebrating their achievements on an interactive leaderboard platform.

Performance visibility boosts self awareness in staff. Awareness translates into self management.

Staff are motivated to change their work behaviors, when they see how close or far away from colleagues they are on the leaderboard, and the prediction of target achievement.


Managers need to know when to coach staff and what action to take. The Spinify Performance Grid displays your staff on a grid, based on their performance across all leaderboards they participate in.

See who you should applaud and who needs counselling or training in order to move through the grid to the high performing Rain Maker quadrant.

Successful Teams Already Using Spinify

University of California San Francisco
Ray White
Lj Hooker
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Integrations We Support

Leaderboards for Salesforce
Leaderboards for Google Sheets
Leaderboards with Zapier integrations
Leaderboards for Shopify
Leaderboards for Zendesk
Leaderboards for Freshdesk
Leaderboards for Jira
Leaderboards for MyDesktop
Leaderboards for Agentbox
Leaderboards for Slack
Leaderboards for HubSpot
Leaderboards for Pipedrive
YouTube for your TV
Google Calendar for your TV
Google Slides for your TV
Rex Software for your TV

+ more integrations

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