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Lively leaderboards using your own data to celebrate and motivate in real time via amazing gamification techniques.

Result is increased performance and amazing culture. TVs all updated with your content in real time.

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Increase Visibility of Data. Play Personalized Songs As Reps Hit Goals.

Real Time Achievements

Spinify Customers Are Motivated For Awesome Performance.

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Here’s How It’s Done

Sales Activity Gamification

After a simple set-up, leaderboards are automatically on. Scores and rankings change as your reps update activity information. You reward staff achievements with Points and Badges. Gamification drives healthy competition. Competition drives excellence.

Create a Recognition Culture

Lively Leaderboards add visibility of staff performance builds cultural transparency at the organization level. Use Points and Badges to reward staff for activities, large or small. Encourage staff to do more. Recognize with personalized celebration screens and their own song.

Improved Insights

Visibility of performance builds an organizational culture of transparency. Transparency changes behavior. Reps do more when they can see where colleagues are on the leaderboard and a prediction of their target achievement.

Gain Coaching and Performance Insights

Spinify provides performance monitoring and coaching tips based on your team’s personal KPIs. Track and see predictive results to understand how your team will perform this month.

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Change Your Office Culture With Spinify

Making data visible to all staff, no matter where they are. Lastly celebrating staff success by playing their song and getting instant recognition from the team.

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