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Spinify uses sales gamification to create friendly competition that builds a performance driven culture overnight.

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TV App

Run Spinify on your office TV to increase visibility and engagement of the targets you’re setting for your team.

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Your team can access Spinify on the go with our iPhone and Android Apps.

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How does Spinify work?

Sales Competitions

Scores and rankings change as your reps update activity information in your CRM. Gamify the competition and drive rep performance.

Friendly Sales Competitions
Cheer and Celebrate Your Reps

Celebrate Staff Achievements

Kick off the celebration when reps hit milestones or complete a task. You choose when to celebrate the rep on, we bring the cheers by playing reps personalized song.

Collaborate on Big Goals

Get the team to focus on the goals that make a difference to the company, with everyone working together it motivates the entire team to reach new heights.

Team Competitions
Personalized for your reps

Focus on Staff with Personalized Messages

Change the company culture by creating announcements, countdown timers, and celebratory messages.

Even more features.

Advanced Coaching Tools

Coaching Tools

Understand your reps strengths and weaknesses to better prepare for coaching sessions with your reps and give them the tools to succeed.

Personalized Gamification Badges

Gamification Badges

Motivate staff with badges and tiers they earn when they accomplish big goals that you can personalize, such as winning 10 deals in a week!

Integrations To Your Data

Integrate Your Data

With hundreds of integrations as your reps perform their current tasks their points get automatically updated on the leaderboards.

Integrations with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Excel, Slack and 100+ more

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Happiness and Excitement

Learn how Spinify can fit your needs.

Improve User Adoption of CRM and Processes

User Adoption

  • Increase usage of a new product
  • Improve adoption of a new process
  • Get consistency in your reps
  • Increase ROI in all your software
Friendly Competitions

Competitions + Visibility

  • Reps know what they need to accomplish
  • Improved visibility reps performance
  • Gamify your reps KPIs and Targets
  • Friendly Competitions to improve engagement
Staff Recognition

Recognition + Fun

  • Always recognize reps achievements
  • Add fun to repetitive tasks
  • Build Team Bonding through Celebrations
  • Higher employee satisfaction

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Free 14 Day Trial
No Credit Card Required