Work From Home 🚀 Microsoft Teams + Spinify is the perfect way to share instant competitions and give real fun recognition 🥳

Celebrate every win

Gamify your team’s performance and create a winning culture that smashes every goal.

Our team engagement has increased and the energy levels have risen significantly. People now get really excited when they submit an application or help settle a loan for a customer.

Nathan Carroll Chief Operating Officer, Valiant Finance


Motivating companies across the globe

Built with visibility in mind

TV App

Transform your office TVs – run competitions, make announcements, reward and share achievements.

Beautifully Designed for the TV


Perfect for work from home staff. Connect staff with real time competitions and leaderboards.

Visible on the go

Mobile App

Office culture captured in your pocket, Spinify available on iPhone and Android. Always in the loop.

Visible on the go

Microsoft Teams

We live where your team live. Staff have access to competitions and announcements where ever they go.