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Learn how Spinify Changes Behaviors

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Sales Activity Gamification

Step out of the Maze

After a simple set-up, leaderboards are automatically on. Scores and rankings change as your reps update activity information. You reward staff achievements with Points and Badges. Gamification drives healthy competition. Competition drives excellence.

Easiest leaderboards to create

Focus on what’s important

70% of sales reps do not achieve their targets. Focus them on the activity that deliver company results. Progress against the target is visible and success is predicted. Focus grows target achievement to over 81% of sales reps. Increase revenue growth by up to 3x.

Easiest leaderboards to create
Easiest leaderboards to create
Easiest leaderboards to create
Easiest leaderboards to create

Focus on People

Celebrate Achievers

Head to Head

Work Together

Create a Recognition Culture

Visibility of staff performance builds cultural transparency at the organization level. Use Points and Badges to reward staff for activities, large or small. Encourage staff to do more. Recognize with personalized celebration screens and their own song.

Easiest leaderboards to create

Increase Business Results

Drive a focus on achievement of the targets that are important for business success. Add fun and urgency by ranking their performance on an interactive leaderboard.

  • Clarify staff Targets
  • Monitor progress against their target
  • Celebrate all achievers
  • Share information on office TVs and apps
Easiest motivation platform

Improved Insights

Visibility of performance builds an organization culture of transparency. Transparency changes behavior. Reps do more when they can see where colleagues are on the leaderboard and a prediction of their target achievement.

Integrated Applications

Our integrations keep your leaderboards up to date, focusing the team on reaching your goals.

Leaderboards for Salesforce
Leaderboards for Google Sheets
Leaderboards with Zapier integrations
Leaderboards for Shopify
Leaderboards for Zendesk
Leaderboards for Freshdesk
Leaderboards for Jira
Leaderboards for MyDesktop
Leaderboards for Agentbox
Leaderboards for Slack
Leaderboards for HubSpot
Leaderboards for Pipedrive
YouTube for your TV
Google Calendar for your TV
Google Slides for your TV
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