Recognition & Fun

Incentivize your team to keep doing great when they hear their favorite song every time they hit a target.

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Highlight great performance

Put the spotlight on the best performing members of your team by displaying data on the office tv.

See their progress

Achieve improved performance by magnifying progress on the company tv for everyone to see.

leadearboards employee progress

Reach your goals

Focus the team on the KPIs and targets that matter most at any particular moment through real-time leaderboards.

Express yourself in many ways

Use words, emojis, gifs, memes and even songs to cheer on the team.

30+ motivators for every
kind of team

Encourage a culture of healthy competition with robust leaderboard features, including:

Individual targets

Individual or Team Competitions

Milestone Celebrations

Points and Badges

Predictive Scoring

Keep morale high and the celebrations going

Motivate your team to do better every day


Play their favorite songs for every milestone


Ring the gong and celebrate with everyone


Add a bit of personality with memes

We wanted a way to uplift those people in the office including customer service and to have this system a gamification system, it really adds something different. Sales agents and customer service agents always look at those screens just to see whos at the top place and have they moved up that Leaderboard!

Colin Peters
Colin Peters
Communications Director

Our sales team love the visibility of Spinify, as we have a large office and so many TV’s, being able to read the number of the metric on the leaderboard was a must and we were able to achieve this with Spinify. The ability to build leaderboards for different sales divisions has been great! We can now raise engagement through different teams.

Bryce Marshall
Bryce Marshall
Salesforce Solution Architect & Delivery Lead | Co-leader

Spinify has improved our company culture by adding some fun and competition.

Marc Gassó  Busquets
Marc Gassó Busquets
CMO at Bloobirds | B2B Sales & Marketing Consultant | Sales Development
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Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.