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Sales Gamification leaderboards show staff performance on the office TV’s, and mobile apps.

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Spinify is full of gamification features.

Advanced Coaching Tools
Personalized Gamification Badges
Integrations To Your Data
Advanced Coaching Tools

Points, Badges and Leaderboards

Once boring competitions automatically become exciting with PBL

Personalized Gamification Badges

Personal Celebrations

Motivate with fun and exciting celebrations using youTube videos.

Integrations To Your Data

Realtime Metrics

Having the biggest positive impact on staff performance.

Common uses of Spinify.

Improve User Adoption of CRM and Processes
Friendly Competitions
Staff Recognition
Improve User Adoption of CRM and Processes

Visual Goals

  • Easy to understand progress
  • Reaching goals more appealing
  • Increased mental activation
  • Playing is fun
Friendly Competitions

Continual Motivation

  • Strong reasons to act
  • Essential part of self determination
  • Gets players hooked
  • Create flow state
Staff Recognition

Gamified Competition

  • Effective in sales
  • Individual vs Team vs Office
  • Create hyper-competitive teams
  • Focus cooperation and team concepts

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