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10 Sales Gamification Hacks to Drive Efficiency

April 12, 2019

Let’s take a look at 10 sales gamification hacks we can use it to hack efficiency!

Sales teams are key players that contribute to our companies’ success and as such, they take the brunt of the pressure.

This frequently results in burnouts and reduced productivity.

However, the answer isn’t increasing the pressure. It’s improving how we motivate our sales reps.

And the gamification of sales can help.

1. Badges for Sales Gamification

Psychologically, the majority of our motivation happens inside our minds. This is the so-called intrinsic motivation. We want to do better and see that we’re improving over time.

This is why badges are an important part of sales gamification.

They’re a great way to show our representatives how much they’ve improved over time. Additionally, we can also assess their progress and identify top performers.

2. Tiers as Career Path Roadmaps

Different tiers can be used not only to show sales reps their progress, but to map out their career path, as well.

We can simply set up the top tier to lead towards evaluation and promotion.

The transparency of tiers will surely motivate reps to excel. After all, it’s much easier reaching the goal when we can see the path that leads to it.

3. Organize Contests to Gamify Your Sales

Leaderboards can be a great way for sales reps to feel more accomplished than others, but there’s nothing like a contest to make the challenge even sweeter.

We can create contests by setting the targets, and then using sales leaderboards and achievements (badges, points, etc.) to motivate sales reps to improve their performance.

Using contests to motivate our sales team isn’t hard, either. Especially if we use Spinify which helps us gamify our sales process in a matter of minutes.

4. Reward Every Step of the Way

Big goals are the most important. However, if a sales representative is only focused on the major goal, they’ll be less motivated to take the little steps needed to get to their target.

That’s why it’s good to gamify performance tracking.

For example, each sales representative can be given points for every step they’ve taken, like follow-up calls. In the end, these can amount to a big achievement.

5. Encourage Sales Teamwork with Gamification

Teamwork is often problematic in sales teams. Everyone wants to be the best.

However, gamification can be used to foster collaboration.

Sales representatives can be divided in teams and engage in a playful competition (that results in a reward).

One even better efficiency sales gamification hack is if each sales rep gets special personal points for being a particularly good teammate.

6. Improve Engagement

When a sales rep is a good performer, it’s easy for them to slip into a lull and take it easy for a (long) while. So if we want to retain the talent we have, we need to improve their engagement.

This is really simple if we’re using Spinify to gamify our sales team’s efficiency.

We can set up “overtaking” alerts. Reps will be notified if another rep is close to overtaking them on the leaderboard.

And that will definitely improve engagement!

7. Recognize Good Performance

Performance isn’t just about hitting targets – it’s about being encouraged to do it, and recognized when you’ve reached the mark.

With gamification, sales reps can be encouraged every time they “level up” by doing something significant.

And the best part is: even something as simple as a notification saying: “Good job, Ann!” can go a long way towards making them happier.

8. Score Cards for Tracking Long-Term Performance

With time, gamification features like achievements, badges and scores can become a point of pride for each sales rep. They’re tangible representations of how much they’ve achieved.

It’s hard not to love them.

However, with score cards, sales reps can also see their statistics and how far they’ve come over time.

Spinify also offers analytics so we can even see what makes the top performers so great!

9. Reward Behavior Aligned with Company Values

From teamwork to excellence, there are many things our companies want our employees to exhibit.

However, they have to be more than mission statements. And gamification can motivate employees to exhibit behavior aligned with company values.

With Spinify, this can be done through triggered notifications congratulating the employee, or by motivating others to do better if another rep is close to overtaking them.

10. Set the Foundation for Long-Term Sales Success

Finally, improving performance with gamification is crucial. However, we have to ensure that the performance is steadily amazing, and that our sales reps are motivated over a long, long time.

The best way to do this is by gamifying the learning process.

From quizzes testing product knowledge to watching videos on skill improvement, everything can be rewarded with gamification.

And in turn, rewards will help our revenue skyrocket.

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Put those insights into practice.

Set your team up for success by improving their performance through gamification.

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