Spinify for remote teams

Keep everyone connected, motivated, and aligned on their goals.

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Visualize the
finish line

Give your team better visibility on their daily tasks and help them see the bigger picture to encourage better performance.

Gamify their targets

Set goals to inspire your team and keep them motivated. Encourage good performance by celebrating their wins, highlighting their milestones, and cheering them on.

Gamification with Spinify

Nurture team spirit wherever they are

Keep your remote team connected and make each member feel valued and motivated.

Power ups to gamify remote work


Compete on common goals or collaborate on big company ones. Everyone stays connected

Company Culture

Extend your office culture to their home. Keep everyone in the loop every celebration.


Create points and badges to make hitting targets more fun and engaging.

Company Announcements

Share vital company info on a TV channel with everyone.

Personal Celebrations

Cheer on your team in your own unique way.

Coaching Tools

Know what motivates them and help them nurture their strengths.
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30 Quotes To Hype Up Your Team At Your Next Meeting

It is not always easy to keep your team motivated and excited. It is simply, motivation is fleeting. Thus, every once in a while we could all use a little help bringing the pep back to our step.

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The same workflow, just more fun

Spinify integrates seamlessly with your existing platforms.

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microsoft excel
microsoft dynamics
pipe drive

What customers are saying


Gamification of my stats makes it more exciting to keep track of where I am at for the month.

Ellie Downs
Ellie Downs

Ellie Downs


Our sales team is remote and Spinify has allowed our folks to stay competitive using the Salesforce tab, the mobile app, and the daily winner emails. It’s really helped us to work more tightly.

Bryce M
Bryce M



The biggest problems we are able to solve with Spinify is keeping our agents engaged and in friendly competition with each other, we noticed an incredible uplift the moment we implemented Spinify as the agents were able to see key metrics of their performance and their peers

Omer Subedar
Omer Subedar

Vice President Retail Support, MAX Credit Union


We love how visual it is! The leader-boards encourage healthy competition and staff achievements are recorded in real-time, when someone wins an award, everyone can celebrate the success! We also love using it to advertise exciting news/events etc.

Jennet Miles
Jennet Miles

HR Manager, Punch!


The absolute simplicity of the platform. it does not try to do everything to help a team stay on track, but what it does, it does exceptionally well. It is visually attractive, and has been designed with gamification principles in mind

Paul O'Dwyer
Paul O’Dwyer

Scaling Up Coach for Tech Companies, Director, Investor, Ex-CEO


The product is easy to integrate, just some minor integration with our Salesforce account and we were creating flashy content for our Sales Room Floor. Required no real insight as to how to build and configure reports as they are all available from templates.

Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy

Director of Sales & Customer Experience, RingByName

Gamify better performance

Unlock your team’s potential by making work more engaging.