Why choose Spinify?

Spinify is the ultimate solution for boosting your team’s performance, motivation, and results. Our platform uses gamification and powerful coaching features to help your team reach their full potential.

With Spinify, you can track progress, identify areas for improvement, and recognize hard work in real-time. Plus, our platform provides insights into past and present trends to help predict and improve future performance.

Spinify is customizable and easy to use, so you can tailor it to fit your specific goals.

Why Choose Spinify

How Spinify Works

Spinify is more than just a gamification platform – it’s a comprehensive solution for helping teams grow and succeed. With Spinify, you have the insights, tools, and data visibility you and your team need to reach and exceed your goals.

Unlock the power of gamification!

Boost performance, culture & visibility

We have hundreds of competition and achievement designs to choose from, each entirely customizable for your needs!

You can also set up badges, which award automatically when a player hits a target or milestone specified by you.

Why Spinify

Keep everyone engaged with real-time updates

You can display your data on the office TV, Computer screens, in Microsoft Teams, Slack! You and your team can even keep up to date on the go with the Spinify mobile app!

Spinify Display

With Spinify

Spinify uses gamification techniques, science-backed psychology and coaching tools to help your team boost their performance.

Real-time data transfer directly from your CRM or Data apps.
Friendly Competitions to boost team engagement.
Automated achievement celebrations ensure you never miss a milestone.
Fully customizable incentives options, including badges, tried, rewards store and prize wheels that keep your team feeling appreciated and excited.
Immersive Slack & Microsoft Teams integrations ensure your team are always informed.
Lively mobile app and desktop notifications keep everyone up to date, even on the go.
Exceptional coaching features inspire and empower your team to reach their goals.

Without Spinify

Spend countless hours sifting through reports, apps, and data to keep up to date on performance progress.

Nagivating multiple apps to keep up to date.
Spend long hours looking through reports to discover trends and progress.
Risk missing milestones and achievements.
Hard to track rewards programs, if any at all can leave staff feeling confused and overwhelmed.

Managers need to remember to post celebrations and announcements in Communication apps and email.
Need to be wired to the computer to stay up to date.
Infrequent 1:1 meetings that can induce anxiety and stress to your team.

Our dedicated team is standing by

Spinify’s support is second to none! Our friendly customer support team is standing by 24/7, so we’re there when you need us most! You’ll also gain access to our exclusive Spinify Academy and hundreds of help articles, ensuring your setup and ongoing usage of Spinify is always successful.

But, if that’s not enough, your dedicated Customer Success Manager is here to help and always happy to help answer any questions you have!

How we can help?

When you use Spinify, your visibility will increase tenfold! Not only will you be able to view your data in real-time, but you’ll also have access to comprehensive reporting and analytics! We make it easy for you to track and analyze your team’s KPIs, as well as past and present performance trends, using that information to determine your team’s future performance.

You’ll know the areas your team needs to improve, and our insightful and inspirational coaching tools are right there waiting to help. With all this data readily available to your team, it’s no wonder that Spinify’s performance-boosting success rate is so high! Just take one look at our stats, they speak for themselves!

arrow up208%
Increase in KPI Tracking and Visibility
arrow up133%
Monthly celebrations per rep
arrow up117%
Increase in Average daily SAOs
arrow up92%
of targets hit more frequently
arrow up287%
Increase in KPIs
arrow up43%
Increase in Sales with Spinify


Keep the game going without disrupting your workflow. Spinify integrates with your platform to automate leaderboards and fun.

Use a CRM or Data App that doesn’t currently integrate with Spinify? No problem! We have alternative linking options available, meaning everyone can get on board, regardless of which program stores your data.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

See what our Customers are saying


The biggest problems we are able to solve with Spinify is keeping our agents engaged and in friendly competition with each other, we noticed an incredible uplift the moment we implemented Spinify as the agents were able to see key metrics of their performance and their peers

Omer Subedar
Omer Subedar

Vice President Retail Support, MAX Credit Union


Our sales team is remote and Spinify has allowed our folks to stay competitive using the Salesforce tab, the mobile app, and the daily winner emails. It’s really helped us to work more tightly.

Bryce M
Bryce M



We love how visual it is! The leader-boards encourage healthy competition and staff achievements are recorded in real-time, when someone wins an award, everyone can celebrate the success! We also love using it to advertise exciting news/events etc.

Jennet Miles
Jennet Miles

HR Manager, Punch!


Gamification of my stats makes it more exciting to keep track of where I am at for the month.

Ellie Downs
Ellie Downs

Ellie Downs


The absolute simplicity of the platform. it does not try to do everything to help a team stay on track, but what it does, it does exceptionally well. It is visually attractive, and has been designed with gamification principles in mind

Paul O'Dwyer
Paul O’Dwyer

Scaling Up Coach for Tech Companies, Director, Investor, Ex-CEO


The product is easy to integrate, just some minor integration with our Salesforce account and we were creating flashy content for our Sales Room Floor. Required no real insight as to how to build and configure reports as they are all available from templates.

Felipe Godoy
Felipe Godoy

Director of Sales & Customer Experience, RingByName