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Create smaller goals that lead up to bigger goals for each member of your team. Help them reach their milestone, one target at a time.

Set the goal

Give your team something to work towards and improve their performance. Motivate them to do better with clear and realistic goals. Then all you have to is watch them shine.

No goal in mind?
No Problem.

Here are a couple options to choose from:


Set it to what the rep got last month.


Run a month without a target, then set the 1st player’s score as the target.


Use the historical best month and strive to hit that again.

Decide when the game ends

Set deadlines for your leaderboards and start fresh when there’s a new goal.

  • Create daily or weekly deadlines for smaller tasks.
  • Create monthly or quarterly goals for bigger goals.

Decide when the game ends

Some inspo for your leaderboard

These are how other companies use Spinify leaderboards.

500 Calls in Week

Tasks Completed for the Week

Solved Tickets This Week

East Coast vs West Coast

This Months Net Profit

Tour Revenue This Quarter

Sales Target Tracker

Settled Commissions

Loan Market Referrals

Rental Properties Sold

Outstanding Billing Amounts

Leads Qualified This Quarter

Development Cards Completed For Sprint

Deals Transferred to Account Manager

Onboarding Setups Completed This Month

NPS Year To Date

Renewal Customers Upgraded to New Plan

Annual Reviews Completed

Webinar Attendees

Chats Taken Today

Trials Started This Month

Outbound calls made to Trial Customers

Opportunities Created This Month

Vacation Target Leaderboard

Employee of the Month Board
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Gamification Leaderboards for Recruitment

Recruitment is one of the hottest sectors in any company. Gamification brings in the thrill of game-like mechanics where recruiters get to compete and out-do each other.

Metrics Target

The way Spinify displays information to the team makes it fun and engaging! Since we started using Spinify we’ve been able to achieve our goals even faster, we’ve been able to present our goals to the team and have everyone rally around achieving those goals by displaying it around the office and celebrate them once we achieve those goals.

Bryan Bond
Bryan Bond
Director of Business Operations

What I enjoy most about Spinify is the customizable visualization of leaderboards, contests, prizes, awards, etc. Without a doubt, this has proven to be a useful tool to improve agent productivity and overall morale since moving to a work from home environment last year.

Marten Medrano
Marten Medrano
IT Support at Digital Media Solutions Group
See Digital Media Solution’s Story

Spinify really helped us broadcast those incentives and those competitions out to all of our sales teams and the visual effects of actually seeing whether it’s a bar chart or race, it really enhances the experience and even motivates you to reach those goals.

Josh Sanders
Josh Sanders
Chief Product Officer
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