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6 Essential Elements of a High-Performing Sales Team

December 9, 2020

Sales is not a one-man show; it’s a team job. The high-performing sales teams are able to pull out great success stories because they are all working as a team. But what do most of the high-performing sales teams have in common? Well, that’s precisely what we are going to explore today.

In today’s piece, we are going to showcase six essential elements of a high-performing sales team. These six elements are the main reasons behind any high-performing sales team history. So without further ado, let’s head right into the piece.

Goal Setting

All the high-achieving sales teams know what and why they are doing. Both at a personal and professional level, goal setting helps sales teams to identify their “why”, which keeps them motivated in tough times.

In order to turn your sales team into something phenomenal, help them set their own goals. Assist them in learning and identifying why they are hustling and why it’s important for them to do their job the right way.

Once they have set up personal goals, it’s time to put everyone on the same page by setting professional team goals. This way, they will have certain milestones and goals regarding their roles in the team. And that will eventually make the team strong in the pursuit of a common goal.

Sharing Success Stories

The sales sector can be daunting sometimes for managers, sales reps, and everyone in it. And that’s where many people lose their sight and motivation to get through hard times. But in high-performing sales teams, leaders share customers’ success stories to keep everyone going no matter what the challenges are.

Sharing success stories of happy customers and how your company’s services or products affect the people around you will really help your sales team keep their chins up during rough patches. Even on the most challenging days, sharing hero stories will remind your sales team that what they do actually matters in the real world.

Handing Out Feedback

Feedback has been the secret to all high-performing sales teams in the world. Leaders of various sales teams have seen that providing real-time and personalized feedback has helped many dull and dry sales teams to turn into a productive sales army.

Handing out feedback will help your sales team to learn about their successes, mistakes, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses, and everything in between. With the help of feedback, you can make the member of your sales team improve in every sector.

Another thing that makes providing feedback superior is that it opens up communication between the team. And frequent communication helps the sales teams to collaborate comfortably, learn, and share with each other more often.

Problem-Solving Independence

You are a leader for a reason, and we respect that. But there’s a great chance that some members of your sales team are wiser and more talented than you in other areas. And here’s where many sales leaders prioritize their egos over the truth. In contrast, leaders of high-performing sales teams promote problem-solving independence.

What we mean by problem-solving independence is that your employees are on their own to create solutions for the problems. You no longer have to poke your nose in their expertise and limit them with arbitrary barriers. Give your sales team problem-solving independence and see how they will come up with extraordinary solutions to the problems you’ve been worrying about.

Selling Value

Unlike average sales teams, high-performing sales teams concentrate on selling value rather than price. And that’s only achievable when the sales team members are deeply knowledgeable about the products or services they are selling.

Most members of a sales team don’t identify, quantify, and present the value of the services or products they are selling as they lack knowledge. Whereas members of high-performing sales teams have a deep understanding of everything related to the services or products they are advertising.

Selling value will always win over the mindset of selling price. Educate your sales team members about the services or products they are selling so they can sell it by its value, not by its price.

Using Gamification

Gamification is the application of using game-like elements to trigger competition, collaboration, communication, and more amongst teams. All high-performing sales teams specifically use gamification to boost important elements like motivation, collaboration, communication, and appreciation in their environment.

Making use of gamification will help your sales teams to compete with each other on healthy terms. Competition will open doors of success, drive, eagerness, and motivation for all of your sales team members.


And that’s a wrap. The six elements we described above help high-performing sales teams get an edge over other sales teams. As being the creator of one of the best gamification software, we at Spinify are all about helping sales teams. If this piece educated you, make sure to follow us on Twitter to stay-updated on our buzz.

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