BLOG / Conquering Sales Leaderboards with Swagger and Style

Conquering Sales Leaderboards with Swagger and Style

Conquering Sales Leaderboards

There’s a reason over 70% of the 2000 leading companies in the world use gamification and game elements in the workplace. These tools are invaluable to your team’s success and can help you reach your business goals in an entertaining way. 

One of the most popular ways to use gamification during the 9-5 is to set up a sales leaderboard. Leaderboards highlight your team’s wins, celebrate your top performers, and help your team visualize their own success. This powerful game element can help motivate sales reps and push them toward their full potential. All you need is the right goals and games, and you can turn mundane tasks into fun-filled experiences.

Sounds pretty great, right? 

While leaderboards are a tried and true method for increasing engagement and motivation, there are a few things your leadership team will need to do to ensure it’s effective.

We’re here to walk you through the benefits of leaderboards and provide you with tips and tricks you can use to help your sales reps successfully climb the ranks. 

Here’s how you can help your team conquer sales leaderboards.

The Benefits of Leaderboards 

A sales leaderboard is arguably the most effective game element for the workplace. Whether you use the leaderboard to inspire friendly competition, highlight top performers’ progress, or keep your team on track to reach their goals. With the right approach, you’ll notice a shift in how your team approaches workweek tasks and takes on new projects. 

Here are some of the benefits of leaderboards you can look forward to:

Boost Performance 

In a recent study, 72% of employees said gamification motivated them to complete workweek tasks. When your team clocks in to start their day, the leaderboard will remind them how close or far they are from reaching their goal. This will help them improve their approach to workplace tasks and inspire them to continue pushing themselves to their full potential. 

Increase Productivity 

Think of your sales leaderboard as your team’s daily motivator. When your sales reps clock in and start their day, they’ll reference the leaderboard to better understand their performance. Whether they’re at the top or the bottom, the visualization the leaderboard provides will increase their productivity and efficiency. Every time they reference it, they’ll be more inclined to take on new tasks and to stay productive during the day-to-day.

Improve Company Morale 

The leaderboard is also an excellent tool that will help you recognize your team for their handwork and contributions. Whether it’s a 1:1 meeting or a company-wide all-hands meeting, recognizing your top performers for their success will keep their spirits high and motivate them to keep pushing themselves to reach and exceed their goals. 

A Motivation Booster For Underperformers

If you are struggling with underperformers, you can use the leaderboard to inspire them to rethink their approach to the workplace. This will give them the motivation they need to improve their approach to the sales process and keep them on task during the workweek.

Tips and Tricks For Dominating The Leaderboard 

A leaderboard isn’t just a “set it and forget it” tool. This game element needs to be involved in everything you do. Whether it’s 1:1s, reporting, or all-hands meetings, the leaderboard you set up should always be top of mind. 

To find success with this tool, you need to integrate it into your team’s day-to-day. The leaderboard must be promoted, recognized, referenced by leadership, and used as an everyday guide.

Once it’s part of your day-to-day, it’s time for the fun to begin!

Here are a few ways your leadership can keep your team engaged:

Check-in at the Beginning and End of Your Workday

It’s easy to get fixated on the results of a leaderboard. But if your team is constantly checking in with where they are and how far they are from 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place – they’ll never get any work done during the day. 

Instead, you’ll want to encourage your team to think of the leaderboard as an afterthought. When sales reps clock in to start work, they can look at the leaderboard and use the current standings as motivation. Once they restructure their priorities and strategize for the day, they’ll have plenty to do during working hours. 

Before they call it a day, they can check their progress and see if they improved. With this strategy, the leaderboard is more a tool than a distraction. It’s there to guide your team through the workweek, not to discourage them. 

Help Your Team Rethink Their Sales Strategy 

A leaderboard will invite your team to revisit their approach to the sales process. With the support of their sales managers, your team can take a closer look at their sales strategy and goals to find innovative ways to improve. 

The best way to do this is to coach your team through challenges and ask them open-ended questions that challenge their critical thinking. 

Spinify has a manager tool kit your leadership can use to stay on top of your team’s success. With performance grids, notes, and tasks, you can take a personalized approach to the sales process for each team member. 

Let Your Team Get Competitive 

A little friendly team competition never hurt anyone! When you turn everyday tasks into a game, you can increase your team’s desire to succeed. Using the leaderboard to ignite their competitive side will improve your team’s communication and collaboration skills. 

Communication is Key

The more you communicate, the better. You’ll want to use 1:1s, all-hands meetings, weekly check-ins, and even your team chat to keep goals and progress in mind. Open communication, celebrations, and recognition will also complement your recognition initiatives and leave your team feeling inspired.

Switch Up The Metrics

Once you implement a leaderboard into the workplace, leadership can help team members discover innovative ways to improve their approach to workweek tasks. The leaderboard doesn’t always need to focus on revenue and numbers. Instead, you can use it to highlight:

  • Number of calls made 
  • Increase in cold calling
  • number of emails sent
  • Number of demos or trial books 

When you adjust the leaderboard, you even have the playing field. This will help redistribute the success and keep both your top performers and underperformers engaged in the process. 

The Power of Spinify Leaderboards 

Spinify is a sales gamification platform that uses game elements to keep your team engaged and motivated during the workweek. With our leaderboards, badges, progress bars, and other game elements, you can gamify the workplace experience and help your team restructure their approach to mundane workweek tasks that are standing in their day. 

At Spinify, we offer various setups and themes to choose from. Here are a few of the most popular ways your sales organizations can take advantage of Spinify Leaderboards:

  • Head-to-Head Challenges: These face-off challenges are a fun-filled way to inspire friendly competition and improve communication and collaboration. This type of leaderboard is great to use as a mini-game or sales contests. It’s designed to turn everyday tasks into a fun-filled experience. 
  • Sales Leaderboards: If it works, it works. A sales leaderboard is the most popular type of leaderboard. It’s designed to provide an overview of their revenue numbers and goals. This is a great leaderboard to display on the TVs in the office or to use to guide discussions during all-hands meetings. 
  • Podium Challenges: This type of leaderboard focuses on the three top contenders. Your team must stay on their A-game to secure and maintain their spot in the top three. 

That’s just skimming the surface of the capabilities you’ll have with Spinify. Our platform uses your team’s data to develop next-level sales games, competitions, and leaderboards for your team. 

Implement High-Quality Leaderboards With Spinify

Spinify is a sales gamification software designed with your team in mind. With our platform, you can create leaderboards on demand and use them to keep your team motivated and productive. Once you integrate our sales gamification tools into your workweek, you’ll see a significant increase in productivity, complementing your bottom line and helping you increase revenue over time. 

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