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Focus to win

Focus to win

April 26, 2016

Good sales and service people are focused and organized. They know what they have to do to maximize their remuneration, keep their customers happy and deliver on everyone’s expectations. Notice I didn’t say exceed expectations, or delight customers. Anyone on a target achievement will focus on that number, volume or percentage growth. If the representative can accelerate earnings then they will focus on the multiple milestones they have to hit to be successful.

The more complex the targets the representative or the more convoluted – so sell 20 trucks of which 7 have to be blue and 5 have to be red and 6 have to be over $10k per vehicle will do their minds in.

Getting Best Results from Sales – Focus to win

For best results run multiple competitions so the sales or service person can focus intently on one thing at a time and bring in the results the company aspires to achieve. Many people on a target are disenchanted when the target is not achievable or is not clear and precise. As a sales or service manager your role is to make the target succinct, easily understood (think the language of an 8 year old) and eminently possible of achieving.

Jacob Kinsman

Business Operations Manager, Harcourts Real Estate 

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