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Game On! How AI and GPT Supercharge Sales Gamification

Let’s talk about artificial intelligence. 

If you’ve spent time on social media or the internet, you know that AI has been a trending topic across various industries. It’s safe to say AI is more than just a buzzword.

AI is an invaluable tool the workplace can benefit from. Whether it’s ChatGPT or Midjourney – these tools have been helping creatives and working professionals fine-tune their approach to workweek tasks and projects for the better. 

Throughout 2023, more and more AI revelations have taken the world by storm. In fact, artificial intelligence is expected to grow to two trillion dollars by the year 2030

If you’re a traditionalist or someone with a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” mentality, you may still be unsure how to use AI in the workplace. We don’t blame you! Making changes to the workplace dynamic can be challenging. However, if you aren’t actively implementing AI into your day-to-day, you risk falling behind your competition and losing top talent to your competitors. 

A great way to familiarize yourself with the power of AI is to use it as part of your gamification strategy.

With AI and gamification, you can reinvent the workplace experience and give your sales teams the tools to excel and exceed at everything they do. 

We’re here to walk you through the power of AI and gamification so you can start using both tools in the workplace. 

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. It’s the process of using machine learning and computer systems to streamline productivity and simplify complex tasks. 

For example, let’s say you’re trying to write a press release for a product launch, but you’ve never written a press release. You can use ChatGPT to find a press release template, gain inspiration, and brainstorm content. While ChatGPT can’t 100% write your press release for you, it can help speed up the creative processes and help you cut back on time. 

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of incorporating game elements into a non-game context. With a gamification strategy, you can help your team reenvision their workweek and streamline productivity. With innovative game elements, you can help your team conquer mundane tasks confidently and consistently. Whether it’s leaderboards, badges, or progress bars – these game elements can dramatically change your team’s approach to everyday tasks- for the better.

AI and Gamification: How Do These Two Things Work Together?

With AI and gamification, you can simplify your gamified initiatives and keep your team engaged, productive, and motivated between 9-5. Your leadership team no longer needs to set time aside to think of creative sales competitions or recognition badges. Once AI is integrated into your gamification initiatives, you can streamline your brainstorming process, so your team can get time back in their day to focus on other projects and tasks. 

While AI can’t replace your leadership’s contributions, it can simplify their workweek and free up some of their time so they can focus on more thoughtful tasks they may have.

The Benefits of AI in the Office

There are many benefits to using AI in the office. Some of the most popular include:

  • Increased Productivity: While AI can’t replace the human touch, it can increase productivity and keep your team on task. A recent study showed that employees who use AI can get twice as much work done during their workweek and saw a 100% increase in productivity.
  • Improved Employee Engagement: AI can help your team stay on task and engaged with workweek activities. By reducing the number of manual tasks on your team’s plate, you can give your team projects that challenge them professionally and encourage them to think outside the box.  
  • Improved Company Morale: Research suggests AI may help lift your team’s spirits and keep company morale high. With the right tools, your team no longer needs to spend countless hours researching, automating, or brainstorming ideas. AI will take the hassle out of big projects and keep your team on task. 
  • Help Your Team Make Informed Decisions: AI-driven tools and data dashboards can help your team plan, strategize, and think critically about the challenges they face in the workplace. 

Unlock The Power of AI and Gamification With Spinify Sidekick

Spinify is one of the best sales gamification tools you can use to keep your sales managers engaged and productive. We recently launched an AI-driven tool your team members can use in their day-to-day lives called Spinify Sidekick. 

Spinify Sidekick uses the power of AI and gamification to help you develop custom competitions and metrics tailored to your industry and unique goals. With this cutting-edge solution, you no longer need to manually set up your recognition efforts, sales games, or sales contests – Spinify Sidekick can handle all that for you. 

This next-level tool can be customized to meet your goals and company needs. You can even adjust the tone and voice to align with your company. 

Here are some of the benefits and use cases for Spinify Sidekick:

Personalized Experience For Every Company

At Spinify, we understand that no two companies are created the same. You have a different company culture, goal structure, and sales process. Our AI-driven tool uses this information to develop personalized suggestions and ideas that align with your industry. Everything we show you will always be relevant to your goals and needs, so you don’t need to brainstorm or search for inspiration online. We take care of all of it for you.

Smarter Content Creation

If you’re hesitant about implementing gamification into the workplace, it’s likely because you don’t have the time or resources to develop engaging games and contests for your team regularly. 

Spinify Sidekick uses your team’s sales data and goals to develop innovative contests and games. With this tool always on your side, you can create compelling competitions using your team’s data in real time. There’s no longer a need to set time aside to think about sales strategies or look for an innovative game different from last month – Spinify Sidekick is the only gamified brainstorming tool you need.

Automate Your Recognition Initiatives With Tailored Achievements 

Recognition is vital to keeping team morale high and showing your employees you appreciate their contributions. In fact, a recent study showed that over 83.5% of employees felt that recognition affected their motivation in the workplace. 

If you don’t recognize your team for every accomplishment, milestone, or goal they reach, it could impact employee satisfaction and lead to an unengaged workforce. 

With Spinify Sidekick, you can develop tailored achievements on the fly. Our AI-driven tool will help you create custom messages, descriptions, and names for awards. 

When your team meets or exceeds its goal, they’ll be celebrated in real time. This means your leadership no longer needs to always have a pulse on milestones or accomplishments. You can personalize the messages or keep things generic – the choice is yours. With Spinify Sidekick, you can gain the peace of mind you need, knowing your team is being celebrated between 9-5. 

Develop Motivational Badges Instantly 

Motivational badges serve as a reminder of their accomplishments in the workplace. Spinify Sidekick will use your team’s data and your industry to help you develop motivational badges you can reward your team when they reach a new goal or meet a milestone. 

If you’re running out of award ideas, you can also use this tool to brainstorm new awards and badges to give to your team. Ask Spinify Sidekick to develop badges for you and choose which ones you want to use – it’s that simple. No more needing to go to Google to get answers and ideas. Spinify Sidekick will take care of everything for you.

Generate Custom Tiers To Improve Engagement 

Tiers are like levels or ranks your team receives based on the points they receive for any given time period. Each new tier your employees meet will provide an extra boost of serotonin and motivation. 

With Spinify Sidekick, you can develop custom tiers, descriptions, and images to align with your company culture. You can decide how many points your team needs to level up to a new tier. This is a fun, creative way to increase sales productivity and motivate your team to always go above and beyond every chance they get. However, taking the time to develop tiers on your own can be a lengthy process. With Spinify Sidekick, you pick a theme, and our AI tool will handle the rest.

Take Your Workplace to The Next Level With Intuitive Experiments

Lastly, leadership can run intuitive experiments to gain new insight into team performance and employee productivity. Spinify Sidekick will use data from games and competitions and help you develop experiments you can run and test on your team. 

Experience Spinify Sidekick First Hand

If you like gamification and AI, You’ll love our Spinify Sidekick tool. This AI-powered tool is available to all Spinify users. It integrates into your day-to-day and helps your team stay motivated, productive, and on task. With this tool, you’ll never need to worry about falling behind on your gamification initiatives. 
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