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Gamification Inspiration for Sales Teams

September 10, 2019

In this post, we are going to talk about gamification inspiration for sales teams that are a total game-changer. Here at Spinify, we talk a lot about gamification. The truth is, we’re entering a new age.

If you want to retain the Millennial and Gen Z workforce, you’ll have to keep them engaged in the workplace. Even customers need different kinds of sales reps if you want your company to sell successfully.

And at the intersection of all the different needs, there is gamification.

The perfect solution for increasing employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

In this post, we’re going to explain everything you need to know and show you a few examples of sales teams doing incredible work with gamification.

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What Is Gamification (Really)?

Gamification is the application of elements you may already be familiar with from video games. From point collecting to achievements and rewards, gamification is made to stimulate in the most natural way possible.

It satisfies both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation; sales teams can compete against one another, or you can simply allow individual reps to visualize their progress and feel as though they’ve performed meaningful tasks.

Gamification allows you to show your reps how they move the needle – one call at a time.

At the same time, gamification allows you to get the most out of your sales team. 

When your reps are motivated and they feel recognized for the work they do, you’ll have a much easier time generating more revenue for your company.

Now, gamification is still in its infancy. However, a few companies are really showing why it’s a total game-changer.

Gamification Inspiration #1 Galderma: Gamified Product Training

In 2011, Galderma, a pharmaceutical company that specializes in dermatological treatments, started a product training project.

They gave their sales reps a relatively simple game that included quizzes and roleplays. Each rep got an avatar, and they could work alone or in teams. They were rewarded for every question they answered.

All the questions in the game were related to the products. Galderma wanted to improve their reps’ product knowledge, as well as build team spirit and encourage knowledge sharing.

Participation was voluntary, and 92% of the sales reps that were invited ended up participating (and having a great time). The company even experienced significant sales increases.

Key Takeaways:

  • Older and younger sales reps alike are motivated to participate in gamified programs
  • Companies that implement gamification in their sales processes experience sales increases
  • Quizzes and games with avatars and points are a good starting point for trying gamification at your company

Gamification Inspiration #2 LiveOps Inc.: Increase Sales and Reduce Call Center Call Time

The main problem with call centers is that calls and other tasks can get really boring for sales reps. However, gamification has the power of making every task, no matter how mundane, seem as though it’s better than sliced bread.

In particular, call center sales teams to benefit from gamification the most.

LiveOps Inc., a company that offers call center services and employs over 20,000 call agents in independent locations, saw great sales increases as soon as they implemented gamification. Their main challenge, in particular, was the fact that their agents worked remotely.

In 2010, they started a gamification program with virtual badges and points. Agents were given badges and points for performing desired behaviors such as finishing calls quickly and closing sales.

They also implemented leaderboards. This way, agents could compare their performance and track their progress visually.

In a year, LiveOps reduced call time by 15% and increased its sales by 8%-12%.

Key Takeaways:

  • Badges and points help sales reps visualize their progress
  • Gamification makes even the most mundane tasks seem engaging and enticing, consequently improving performance and job engagement
  • Leaderboards are a great way of improving performance even more
  • Gamification works exceedingly well for remote teams

Gamification Inspiration #3. Lawley Insurance: Improving Adoption with Gamification

In 2012, Lawley Insurance had a big problem. They implemented a great sales tool, but they had problems making their sales reps adopt it. This leads to inaccurate forecasts, confusing pipelines, and lack of activity logging.

To put it simply: the folks at Lawley had no idea what was happening, or what was supposed to happen.

It was chaos.

Their first goal of using gamified sales software was to improve sales software adoption. They needed to make their sales reps use the tools so they could accurately predict future developments, as well as implement stewardship reporting.

With gamification, they made data entry fun – even for the “worst” adopters. 

They decided to give reps points for cleaning up the pipeline. For example, if a rep logged prospect phone calls, they would get 25 points. If they closed a deal, they got 75.

They staged a contest and during the two weeks, reps performed over 196 activities. Compared to the previous months, that was a 257% increase.

They also improved the close date updates by a staggering 152%!

Key Takeaways:

  • Gamification helps with software and process adoption
  • A points and rewards system can result in significant sales and activity increases

4. The University of California San Francisco Gamification Inspiration: Spinify Gamification Increases Productivity

Ultimately, gamification is all about increasing productivity; be that through indirect factors such as employee motivation, or direct factors such as meeting sales quotas. I hope these gamification inspirations give you ideas.

With Spinify’s gamified solution, UCSF’s neuroscience department managed to improve the way they planned and executed projects.

While they are not a sales team, there are plenty of insights to be gauged from their approach.

Their researchers loved the simplicity of the platform, which made it easier to conduct beta testing of their cognitive games. The team set up leaderboards to track progress and gave out points accordingly.

This made everyone want to participate in the project fully.

Soon, even gathering feedback stopped being a problem as everyone was motivated to perform the actions they would be rewarded for.

How Spinify Helps Your Sales Team Increase Productivity

As a simple and effective gamified sales solution, Spinify can help you exceed every quota.

You can organize contests and set up leaderboards for your competitive top performers, or simply streamline recognition, and allow every sales rep to see how far they’ve come.

It’s as easy as playing a game!

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