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Gamify Your Onboarding Process: Welcome New Hires with Fun and Engagement

August 8, 2023

The onboarding process is a pivotal moment in a new hire’s career. During the first few months, your new team members are getting familiar with your company, signing paperwork, and learning the ropes of their new role. You want to ensure this process is as smooth and easy as possible to ensure your new team members feel comfortable and excited to work for your company.

Studies suggest that great onboarding programs can increase retention by nearly 82%. If you want to retain top talent and work on creating a company culture that thrives on collaboration and communication – you need to put more thought into your onboarding experience. 

If your company isn’t focused on building a meaningful and engaging onboarding process, it could impact their entire experience with your company. 

To ensure your new hires feel engaged with your brand, you’ll want to use interactive tools and incorporate game mechanics. Gamification is the power of using game elements in a non-game context. With a gamification strategy, you can show your new hires what your company culture is all about, giving them the confidence they need to tackle new tasks in their first few weeks. 

We’re here to walk you through how to take your onboarding experience to the next level with the power of gamification. 

Let’s dive in:

How to Improve the Onboarding Experience with Gamification

To understand the new hire experience, you must step into your team member’s shoes. What was your experience like when you first started working at your current company? What part do you like and dislike about being a new hire? How can you improve your company’s remote onboarding process?

Once you understand the problems with your current onboarding experience, you can use the power of gamification to improve the experience. 

Here are Six ways to use gamification in your onboarding process:

Improve The Recruitment Process

A gamification strategy is an invaluable tool your business can use to recruit top talent and keep your HR and recruitment employees engaged with the recruitment process. While they spend countless hours looking through the CVs they receive and connecting with potential employees during the hiring process, they deserve to have some fun, too! As a company, you can use HR gamification to keep your team aligned on a common goal and help them find qualified candidates.

With software like Spinify, you can use progress bars and leaderboards to keep your team on track with the mundane tasks of the workweek. Whether you’re tracking how often they’re screening candidates, creating new job descriptions, or finding new qualified candidates for a role. By infusing game elements into the hiring process, you can improve the candidate experience and keep your team engaged with their workweek tasks. 

Onboarding Games and Competitions 

Nothing better than some friendly competition, right? Mini-games and competitions are interactive ways to ensure your team retains information and engages with the entire onboarding session. If they know that every module, information session, or training lesson is linked to a competition or mini-game – they’ll stay engaged throughout the onboarding. This is also a great way to make the onboarding experience more interactive and entertaining. 

Trivia Sessions 

Want to figure out if your team is paying attention? Have random trivia sessions or a pop quiz. This is a quick, fun-filled way to ensure your team is paying attention and the content of the onboarding process is resonating with the new hires. 

We recommend raising the stakes with rewards and incentives to take your trivia sessions to the next level. Throw in a gift card, tickets to a concert, or a cash reward. This will ensure your team pays attention from start to finish. 

Ice Breakers 

Ice breakers are mini-games that help “break the ice.” These are typically quick, 5-10 minute games that focus on helping your team members familiarize themselves with each other and feel more comfortable communicating and collaborating with their coworkers. The beauty of icebreakers is that there are tons to choose from.

Here are a few games to consider:

  • Never Have I Ever
  • 20 Questions
  • This or That
  • Telephone
  • Would you Rather?
  • A Scavenger Hunt

Before diving into an onboarding session, we recommend starting with a fun, interactive icebreaker. This will help your team feel more comfortable asking questions and sharing their thoughts. 

Immersive Story-Based Learning 

This approach welcomes big, creative ideas. Story-based learning is a great way to encourage your team to look at everyday tasks and duties with a new lens. Sometimes your new hires need more than paperwork to sign and PowerPoint slides. After countless hours of reading slides, your team starts to lose focus. 

With immersive story-based learning, you can ensure your new hires retain information and pay attention throughout the onboarding process. 

Keep in mind that immersive story-based learning takes time and resources to succeed. If you’re serious about using this tool to improve your onboarding process, you may need to hire or outsource a company. 

Track Your New Hires’ Success 

If you have a big group you’re trying to keep motivated – you can use leaderboards, progress bars, or a point system to track their success. This will keep your new hires engaged with the lessons and make every interaction a fun-filled experience for everyone. 

How Spinify Can Help 

Spinify is a sales gamification software you can customize for different departments and tasks. Whether you want to track your team’s training video progress or help your team stay on top of mundane tasks during their first few months – we can help. 

Here are five features you can look forward to with our platform:

Innovative Game Elements

Our platform brings together the best of gamification. You can use progress bars, leaderboards, mini-competitions, and badges throughout the workweek. You can customize each game element to meet the needs of your new hires, so you can keep them engaged from start to finish during their first few months. 

Tools for Coaching

If you’re onboarding new sales or marketing team members – you know how pivotal the first few years are to their overall success and employee development. 

Our sales gamification tool brings all their data into one place so that you can keep track of their first few sales, clients, calls, projects, and more. You can then use this data to personalize your approach to managing and coaching. The personalized approach will improve their experience and align with their goals. 

Spinify Academy

We also have tools and resources you can use to improve the Spinify onboarding experience for your team. These resources are a premium tool you’ll have access to once you log in to your account. With these resources, you can get the most out of our software and keep your team engaged. 

Mini Competitions and Games 

Let’s be honest – Being a new person at a company is not easy. There are new faces, names to memorize, and tasks to learn before you feel comfortable with projects and assignments on your plate. 

With competitions and games, you can inspire your new team members to break out of their shells and get to know their coworkers. Our platform makes it easy to plan and organize competitions among coworkers. This is a great way to foster new relationships and improve communication.

Rewards and Recognition

The first few months at a new job are vital to your new hires’ success with your company. While your new hires are getting acclimated to your company culture and taking on new tasks, don’t forget to reward and recognize them for their work. Our gamification software makes it easy to recognize your team for their contributions. 

Improve the Onboarding Process With Spinify

Ready to take your onboarding experience to the next level? We’re here to help. Spinify is an interactive sales gamification software to gamify the workplace. You can customize your dashboards to help you improve the onboarding process for your team members. 

Once you’re done using it for new hire duties, your team will be familiar with our platform, so they can start using it throughout the workweek. Whether it’s recruitment, gamification, career development, or sales tasks – we’re here to help completely transform your workweek with the power of gamification. 

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