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How AI-Powered Personalization Can Increase Sales

June 23, 2023

AI-Powered Personalization

AI-powered personalization and gamification have created incredible opportunities for companies to increase customer engagement and expand sales. 

Computer technologies have developed rapidly in the last 50 years. However, the artificial intelligence evolution—which has grown in notoriety due to ChatGPT 4—is taking things to a whole new level

As a result, companies are now starting to utilize the power of intelligence algorithms to analyze customer data and behaviors. Moreover, the combination of AI and Gamification in sales can be vital in increasing engagement.

Similarly, companies also use a game element to captivate customers, motivate their actions, and drive more sales. Combining the two promises to be an extremely powerful recipe to reach your goals. 

In this article, we’ll show you why AI-powered personalization is crucial for companies looking to build sales in the future. 

But first, let’s break down what AI and gamification are: 

What is AI?


If you hadn’t heard of AI before 2022, you’ve probably heard of it now. Since 2022, the world has become more aware of AI thanks to the growth in AI-powered language models. The Economist has predicted AI chatbots will change the internet forever

That said, the AI concept doesn’t need to be complicated. It’s simply computer science focused on creating machines and programs with ‘human-like capabilities.’ 

These AI machines and programs learn from experience, recognizing objects and patterns and learning human language. In turn, this helps them with the decision-making process. 

Sure, AI intelligence that’s identical to human intelligence is a long way from reality. However, AI is already becoming a large part of everyday life, which will only increase in the coming years. 

And as you’ll see in this article, sales teams will use AI daily to generate the perfect personalized sales experience.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is adding game elements into concepts without a gaming context. Gamification has many excellent benefits—including better customer engagement, feedback, and efficiency. 

However, one significant benefit of gamification is its problem-solving capabilities. But this isn’t a modern phenomenon: Humans have used gamification for centuries, albeit without the fancy term. 

For instance, education facilities like schools have awarded students points to showcase progress and success. Hundreds of gamification concepts exist, such as badges, game points, scorecards, and much more. 

Gamification can be incredible for boosting sales. Forbes found that 90% of sales directors said gamification positively impacted revenue and sales numbers

For example, using gamification tools, such as a  sales leaderboard app, can be vital in achieving your goals and tracking your data in real time.

In addition, they found that sales reps performed far better when using gamification within the office to increase competition and motivation. 

Can You Use AI and Gamification Together? 

Yes, you can. If you combine the two, you can achieve sensational results. One example is Dota 2 and Open AI. AI has worked with Dota 2’s gamification environment to become better at the game. 

However, AI can also help develop better gamification practices based on its vast data for a particular task. Using AI and gamification together is a powerful tool in many ways. But it’s incredibly useful for companies looking to boost turnover. 

Let’s look at how AI-powered personalization—mixed with the game element—can truly boost sales for companies:

1. Engaging Customer Journeys 

customer journey

One of the most useful ways companies boost sales is by creating a personalized sales environment. However, with true customer engagement, that becomes extremely easy. 

Here’s the good news! AI personalization combined with gamification has created superb opportunities for companies to increase sales by creating engaging customer journeys. 

Companies can achieve this by using AI to spot buying patterns, individual preferences, and behavioral tendencies. As such, they can tailor their gamification experience with interactive challenges, rewards, and progress monitoring to generate a unique journey. 

And as customers engage with these journeys, they’ll become more invested in completing the journey. The results: more sales for the company. 

Before the growth of AI, it was considerably more time-consuming to create a personalized sales environment. In contrast, AI-powered software can achieve detailed personalization in seconds. Therefore, the entire sales process, thanks to AI, has become far more efficient. 

2. Greater Customer Retention and Loyalty 

Customer retention is critical to achieving long-term sales success. Without high retention, building a successful business is extremely difficult. AI-powered personalization, supported by the game element, can significantly boost customer retention and loyalty. 

When a company uses AI algorithms to generate a personalized sales experience. It can generate engagement strategies that reward customers for their loyalty. 

Furthermore, a company can mix AI with the game element to create VIP tiers, referral systems, and loyalty programs. These encourage customers to stay engaged and make repeat purchases. 

This powerful combination reinforces a personalized sales experience and a sense of belonging. In turn, this drives long-term sales growth and customer retention. 

3. Better Product Recommendations 

Placing the right products in front of new or existing customers is essential for the growth of your enterprise. However, it’s easier said than done. Companies often struggle to find the right products, resulting in wasted revenue and too much stock. 

Nonetheless, that’s where AI comes in: Generating a personalized sales experience can revolutionize how your customers discover products. 

For instance, AI-powered personalization can leverage customer data to give personalized product recommendations matching preferences and personal interests.

Likewise, gamification elements create a fun environment. This includes quizzes, product catalogs, and virtual try-on experiences. These elements engage customers and ensures they receive the best product recommendations. 

And by mixing these two elements, you’ll have an incredible combination of data and customer engagement. The results: generating the ultimate product recommendations. 

4. Better Conversion Rates 

Sales teams often spend hours figuring out how to achieve better conversion rates. After all, solid conversion rates are the foundation of a successful sales campaign. 

Nevertheless, your company can rapidly use AI-powered personalization and the game element to grow conversion rates. For example, buying barriers—AKA the enemy of all sales—can be broken down by gamification techniques supported by AI personalization. 

You can use visuals, progress bars, and rewards to give the customer a sense of achievement. As a result, this can help customers overcome indecisiveness, hesitations, and price worries. 

Furthermore, using AI personalization to create a personalized sales experience can build a strong sense of trust. 

In many cases, failing to gain a customer’s trust is why a company doesn’t achieve the sale. But a personalized sales experience matched with gamification can prevent that. 

Gamification can also push your sales team to convert more sales. That’s because there are sales contest tools for the sales team to perform. This results in better productivity and greater mental well-being. 

5. A Competitive Advantage 

Yes, AI is here and already changing the world. Yet, many companies aren’t using it to improve their sales game. By adopting AI personalization, you can give your company a competitive advantage over companies slow to adopt AI. 

Many other sales teams won’t have a game element visual goal tracker to boost sales; this gives your team another advantage. 

Your company can have a massive advantage over companies not using AI-powered gamification to generate a more personalized sales experience. As of 2022, only 35% of companies reported using AI in their business. 

That will change (probably considerably so) in the coming years. But for now, using AI and gamification together will likely offer a strong competitive advantage. 

6. Motivating Purchase Choices 

Is there any worse feeling than having a customer engaged with your business yet not making the purchase decision? It can crush sales teams and, worse still, lead companies into the abyss. 

However, AI can find critical data about a customer and why they’re not purchasing. In addition, gamification elements can create the ultimate sense of urgency and achievement. This may include loyalty systems, limited-time offers, and personalized discounts.

Gamification is also superb for giving customers a sense of social validation. For instance, your company can use leaderboards, social sharing features, and challenges. 

Customers are more likely to make purchase decisions when they feel validated.

7. Maximum Data 

One of the critical ingredients for improving your sales is acquiring insightful data and insights. AI and gamification work hand-in-hand to gather incredible amounts of data on motivations, purchasing behavior, and desires. 

Once your company has that data, you refine your sales strategy, offer a more personalized sales experience, boost product offerings, and seek areas for improvement. Likewise, these insights can also show you where your company is failing. 

Not only does this key data provide a short-term solution, but it’s also vital for long-term growth and customer happiness. 

You can also use this data to refine your whole business model, including the service and product you offer.

Combine AI and Gamification for a Personalized Sales Experience 

In 2023, companies should use AI and gamification to boost the entire sales campaign. Mixing the two can create incredibly engaging customer experiences, give you a massive advantage over other teams, and help retain more loyal customers in the future. 

At Spinify, we use AI-powered gamification to create a truly personalized experience for sales teams. With our AI sales algorithms—you can create challenges, rewards, and personalized leaderboards to motivate your sales team to perform with the visual goal tracker. 
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