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Gamification & Hubspot: The Ultimate Pair

May 24, 2023

HubSpot CRM is a crucial must-have for modern-day organizations. The user-friendly interface helps businesses of every size visualize their data and stay organized throughout the workweek. With this invaluable tool, you can improve overall reporting, connect with prospects, and keep employees engaged. 

Every business needs a CRM platform like Hubspot. This tool helps your team stay on top of their sales performance, reach their goals, and stay connected with customers. 

However, even with a great CRM like Hubspot, you can’t expect your team to stay focused or motivated between 9-5. To effectively increase employee motivation, you’ll need to gamify the experience. 

Gamification is a tool that can help increase productivity, improve the workplace experience, and keep your team aligned on a common goal. Studies suggest gamification has the power to increase engagement by 48%

ultimate pair

Here’s everything you need to know about gamification and how to integrate it with HubSpot:

What Is HubSpot Gamification? 

Gamification is applying game-design elements and specific mechanics to non-game situations. The use of game mechanics is prevalent in education and learning atmospheres. The same concepts can also help corporate companies and organizations. 

Hubspot offers sales gamification software integrations that help you take your organization to the next level. These integrations seamlessly apply game elements to the workplace experience, increase productivity, and keep your team on task.  

How Does Gamification Work? 

There are many ways to utilize game elements in the workplace, especially with sales and improving sales performance. 

Here are three different game elements:


You’ve likely played a video game that had a point system. Every time you beat a new level, you get the point. These points indicate how good or bad someone is at the game. 

The object of the game is to earn as many points as possible. 

This type of reward system can also apply to an organizational setting. For example, let’s say you manage a content marketing team. Members will earn a point for each piece of content they generate. This gamification tactic will encourage workers to create as much content as possible and accumulate as many points as possible.

Points also help employees to measure their progress and receive immediate feedback on tasks and projects. Rewarding points for completing a task is an excellent example of immediate feedback. 


A leaderboard helps employees visualize their success and inspires friendly competition. A leaderboard showcases the best-performing team members. This keeps players motivated and encourages them to land a good ranking on the leaderboard.  

Organizations can help employees engage in a healthy competitive environment with an active leaderboard. These gamification tools can also help the organization see which employees are the top performers.

Leaderboards also show team members where they stand with their sales goals and what they need to do to reach the next level. Employers can set up a reward system for the leaderboard. They can reward any employee at the top of the leaderboard with extra points. That can reward other employees for trying and reaching the top. 

At Spinify, our gamification platform seamlessly integrates with your Hubspot CRM and creates leadership boards that track your team’s success. This tool helps them understand their sales performance and visualize the sales process. 


Another sales gamification tool that can motivate employees and build a sense of competition is badges. These badges can serve a significant role in ensuring that players keep playing and earning more badges. 

Similarly, organizations can choose to assign different badges for different achievements.

Employees can also display badges and showcase their achievements. It can also allow employers to assess and see which employees excel at performing which types of tasks. 

Benefits of Gamification 

When implemented correctly, gamification can be an invaluable tool for you and your employers. Gamification is a tool that can help team members feel more confident taking on new tasks. It’s also a fun, interactive way to make mundane tasks entertaining.

Here’s what else you can look forward to:

High Levels Of Employee Engagement 

Employee engagement significantly affects how well an organization performs and showcases how well your employees dedicate themselves to their work. For an organization to grow, it needs to build a team that’s motivated, engaged, and always ready to collaborate.

An easy way to promote the overall engagement levels in the organization is by utilizing a sales gamification platform. Through a gamified system, even mundane workweek tasks will become more engaging for employees. 

After implementing game mechanics, you’ll notice a significant difference in overall employee engagement, especially if the gamification dashboard incorporates an effective way of tracking employee progress, like a points system.

Easier Employee Onboarding 

Employee onboarding can be tedious. With gamification tools, you can turn a boring experience into an interactive one for new hires. Gamification platforms and tools provide new hires easy access to all workweek tasks.

Through the gamification system, new employees will receive immediate feedback, which improves their overall engagement levels with the organization. Receiving timely feedback will only help accelerate their progress. 

It also gives a chance to the employers to see how the new employees are progressing and whether they need additional assistance getting up to speed with the organization. 

Healthy Competition 

For a business to thrive, there needs to be a healthy sense of competition among employees. Friendly competition motivates employees to go above and beyond. It pushes them to be more productive and encourages them to go above and beyond. 

Businesses have a unique opportunity to incorporate friendly competition with gamification. These tools allow you to foster a competitive environment without pitting your employees against one another. 

Employees can even interact with one another through sales gamification tools by saying ahead on leaderboards, earning badges, and more. 

Alignment With Business Goals

Gamification is designed with your business in mind. Sales gamification tools benefit the employee and the employer. Instead of scheduling monthly meetings to discuss organizational goals with employees, you can integrate the organizational goals into the gamification dashboard so your employees can always work towards them!

With the help of sales gamification tools, employees can always have a pulse on how their performance contributes to business success. These tools encourage employees to work harder and improve their overall productivity.

Gamification Integration With Hubspot 

Hubspot users can introduce game elements to their employees directly on the platform. With the gamification integration, each employee will have access to a gamified home page that they can use to check their performance and see how well they’re doing. There are leaderboards, interactive questions, and challenges employers use to engage with their employees.

The gamified platform also provides a convenient rewards page that employers can customize. Employees can use the points they earn through work and spend them here to receive gifts.  

Users can also access the gamified page through the mobile app and stay in the know while on the go. There’s a timeline that sends notifications to all team members when someone acts. 

Through gamification, organizations can easily integrate game elements into their Hubspot CRM. This is a convenient way to ensure they have everything in one effective dashboard.

The Benefits of the Spinify Hubspot Integration

At Spinify, we make it easy to integrate gamification best practices into your CRM platform. Our easy and fun sales gamification tool has a Hubspot plug-in that can help motivate and engage with your employees. 

There are many ways to use our sales gamification tool. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Create team goals
  • Invite healthy competition
  • Set goals and targets 
  • Motivate your team
  • Take an individualized approach to the sales process

That’s just skimming the surface. Our tool can be customized to meet the needs of your team and your daily sales practices. 

Connect Spinify to Your Hubspot 

Most organizations make the mistake of getting a CRM platform and think it’s all they need to motivate employees. But the truth is CRM software on its own isn’t going to engage and motivate employees. 

With Spinify, you can watch your employees progress and continue to move deals through the pipeline. Our sales gamification tool pulls data from Hubspot and adds it to our leaderboards to provide a seamless experience. 

Our tool will impact your team, motivate them to close deals, and keep all your Hubspot data in mind. So you can feel confident your team has what they need to reach their weekly goals and take on new challenges.

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