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Level Up Your Company Culture: Sales Gamification Edition

Have you ever considered how vital your company culture is to your organization’s overall success? Every employee wants to feel like part of something bigger. They want to feel connected to their coworkers, the company mission, and the values you have set in place. It can impact workplace efficiency and productivity if they aren’t passionate about their job and daily tasks.

As a leader, you’re responsible for your team’s happiness and the company culture you create for each individual. If you’re struggling to keep your team engaged and motivated, the best tool you can leverage is a gamification strategy. 

Gamification is an innovative way to turn mundane tasks into fun-filled experiences for your team. With fun-filled game elements, you can build a workplace company culture that thrives on engagement, open communication, teamwork, and a lot of fun!

Ready to level up your company culture? Here’s how to incorporate more workplace fun with gamification.

The Benefits of a Thriving Company Culture 

Next-level company culture is vital to your current and future success. When you hire a new team member, you want them to feel welcomed with open arms into a welcoming, positive atmosphere.

There are many benefits to focusing on improving your company culture. Your company culture is a reflection of your organizational values and beliefs. A thriving company culture will improve the workplace atmosphere and experience for each team member working for your organization.

Here are some of the benefits of building company culture:

  • Increased Productivity: In a recent survey, over 90% of employees said gamification increases productivity. Happy employees are glad to take on new tasks and push themselves professionally. With the right game elements and a gamified approach, you can improve workplace efficiency and productivity while keeping your team entertained with mundane tasks.
  • Reduce Turnover: Did you know companies that take a gamified approach are seven times more profitable than ones that don’t? One reason is that you can retain top talent. If your team is happy, they are less likely to search for new opportunities. This will help you keep great employees and reduce turnover over time. 
  • Higher Employee Satisfaction: Teams that are happy and passionate about their job are more productive, efficient, and motivated to take on tasks. If your team is highly engaged and satisfied with the workplace, it will show in the work they produce for your organization.
  • Improved Communications: Companies with a solid company culture value transparency and open communication. If your employees feel like they are part of a team, it will be easier to share ideas, and collaboration will come easily to them.
  • Better Work-Life Balance: Companies that put their employees first prioritize initiatives that help their team achieve a positive work-life balance. Whether it’s a flexible schedule, extra PTO, or mental health days, these perks will keep your team satisfied with the job they have with your company.

Five Ways to Use Gamification to Improve Company Culture 

Incorporating gamification into your company is a great way to motivate your team to go above and beyond. Gamification works to entertain, engage, and improve the overall employee experience. 

If your team is motivated and driven to take on everyday tasks with confidence, it can improve your company culture – for the better. You can use gamification in many ways to keep your team engaged with their coworkers. 

Here are five of our favorite ways:

Inspire Friendly Competition With Sales Games and Contests

Friendly competition is a fun-filled way to keep your team engaged with everyday tasks and sales goals. The right games, competitions, and contests will keep your team engaged and improve communication throughout the week. Everyone will discuss the current standings on Slack, reach out to top performers to congratulate them and inspire some good old-fashioned fun. 

Games and competitions can help you create a fun and positive atmosphere. It will complement the other game elements you choose to turn workweek tasks into experiences they’ll never forget.

Build a Recognition Strategy

Your team wants to feel recognized for their contributions and milestones. If they don’t feel recognized, it will cause a decrease in motivation, engagement, and employee satisfaction. With gamification, you can integrate your recognition strategy into everything you do during the week. 

You can hand out badges after every accomplishment, play their favorite song when they close a big deal, and celebrate the top performers on the leaderboard during your all-hands meeting. Every small recognition initiative will help you build a thriving company culture.

Inspire Professional Success With Sales Coaching

Your team wants to feel like their leaders support them. To ensure your team grows professionally, you can set up sales coaching sessions using their personal sales data to push them toward success. 

A great way to incorporate gamification in sales coaching is with personalized data dashboards, progress bars, and leaderboards. These game elements help your team visualize their own success. 

During these weekly or bi-weekly ones, you can identify any challenges or roadblocks standing in the way of your team’s success, improving your approach to the management process with every meeting. When your team feels supported by their managers and leaders, they are less likely to search for new job opportunities. 

Focus on Your Team’s Individual Strengths and Weaknesses

A great company thrives on individuality. Each individual on your sales team will have different strengths and weaknesses. Whether they’ve been with your company for only a month or a few years, these individual talents will shine through during 1:1 and team meetings. 

To ensure your team feels heard and recognized, you’ll want to take a personalized approach to everything you do, whether it’s sales coaching, milestone celebrating, or curated games. Each game element you incorporate should be thoughtful and meaningful; this will ensure everyone feels recognized for what they contribute. 

Spinify has custom dashboards you can use to drive discussions during 1:1 meetings. We also have an AI-driven tool called Spinify Sidekick. This tool uses your personal data and your company’s industry to help you think of creative competitions, tiers, badges, and more. So, everything you do will always have the personalized touch your team deserves. 

Regular Team Building Exercises 

A company culture built on communication, collaboration, and team building will deliver next-level results. Team building exercises and games are interactive moments your team can share with their coworker. Whether it’s a virtual happy hour, ice breakers, or a fun-filled sales competition – these experiences can help your team feel like a team. 

To succeed with team-building exercises, you’ll want to plan regular events for your team. During these experiences, your team will get time to have genuine moments with their coworkers. This will help strengthen your company culture and help improve the workplace experience for everyone. 

Level up Your Workplace With Spinify 

The company culture you build for your team will be vital to your employee’s success and happiness. If you want to increase productivity and efficiency, you must focus on first trying to make your team happy. 

Spinify is a sales gamification software that you can leverage to improve your company culture and keep your team entertained. Our software seamlessly integrates with your current tech stack and uses your team’s personal data to develop innovative games, competitions, and experiences for your team. 

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