Matt Bullock – Salesforce Trailblazer

The annual Dreamforce conference is set to return to San Francisco on September 25th where
the world’s leading innovators and trailblazers will meet to address the socio-economic and
environmental issues challenging the world today, all while exploring exciting cutting-edge
technology and future potential.

Recently selected trailblazer Matt Bullock is no stranger to Dreamforce having been an active
member of the Salesforce community for over 10 years. Those in attendance in 2016 will
remember him from his six engaging speaker sessions; this year marks his sixth visit to the
popular – often sold-out – event.

When asked why Matt is such an active and involved member of the Salesforce community,
he explains that the user-friendly platform brings together sales and service so seamlessly
creating a more efficient workflow from start to finish while significantly improving the customer
experience, so the choice is easy.

In addition to holding title as CEO of Spinify, Matt is also an ambassador for Pledge 1%, a
community-based initiative inspired to change the world one small commitment at a time by
supporting local non-profits.

Excited to see the technological innovations at this years event, Matt is perhaps most of all
encouraged to connect with other like-minded trailblazers and learn new strategies to better not
only his own career, but others as well, and ultimately make a positive difference on a global

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