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People, Personalization and Productivity

June 29, 2017

The Golden Rule

Psychological studies showed that a proper fit between personality and environment can raise productivity and engagement in the workplace. Managers would do well to forget the “golden rule” that says treat others as you would want to be treated and start treating people as they want to be treated.

People want to be recognized as an individual where their personal preferences are considered by management and the organization as a whole. This becomes particularly relevant when we talk about displaying a person’s image. Very few employment contracts ask employees to hand over the rights to use of their image yet people’s faces are often displayed in the workplace without the necessary consideration of how employees would like to be represented in company profiles, on company websites and on internal leaderboards.

How Spinify Personalizes Leaderboards

Spinify is all about tailoring the workplace experience to the individual employee. We already know that staff engagement and motivation is significantly increased when employees are provided to performance content of personal relevance.

Leaderboards are an excellent way to show performance information of personal relevance as staff can see their raw score activity performance and their progress against their target or KPI. Most managers presume that their staff wants to show their faces as the image on the leaderboard. However, this may not be correct. Cultural, body image, religious and other reasons may affect this decision and it is best to have an Avatar option for each individual as well as a selfie.

Selfie or Avatar
Staff Image Personalization

Leaderboards provide immediate performance feedback and prompt staff to focus on achieving their KPI’s. providing staff with an option for a selfie or an avatar gives them a sense of respect and empowerment and that drives engagement and productivity.

Spinify Moods

Trying to show feelings in people is difficult. Spinify does this by asking people to load up either three selfies or three avatars showing their Awesome Face, their  Happy face and their Sad Face. If you chose an Avatar then our clever software works out the three face types and automatically applies them to your leaderboard identity.

Awesome Performance
Show performance emotion with moods

Moods allow some emotion to be displayed as staff progress in their completion of activities and their ranking on the leaderboard. It’s awesome to be number one but sad if you are falling behind.


All staff appreciates being treated as individuals. Talking to staff and asking them how they want to be represented on a leaderboard will build trust and respect which leads to productivity, better engagement and motivation.

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