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Prototyping to prove positive gamification impacts

I talk to a lot of people; customers, prospects, and partners, and they are all telling me that they are thinking about the How What, and Why of the gamification of business processes within their organizations or those of their clients. We know that adding a new IT project or installing an App in a corporate environment can sometimes be a time-consuming process. So we’ve come up with a great way for you to experience gamification in just a few minutes. The prototyping has long been proven as a way to shortcut expensive software development and prove a concept.

So what if you could develop a throwaway prototype:

  1. based on an existing requirement,
  2. that allows users to get an actual feel of the game environment,
  3. and you can test if the motivational parameters that gamification is based on do deliver staff engagement and business growth.

Spinify has an integration with Google Sheets that allows fast setup of the activity-based prototype so that you can

  • Gamify existing activities
  • Get Immediate user feedback
  • Identify Missing functionality
  • Get managers to confirm the business requirement, potential outcomes, and the Return on Investment, and
  • Avoid Sys Admin or Sys Dev involvement that detracts from existing projects.

Prototyping is perfect for solutions that require lots of acceptance and feedback from end users. The up side is that because they’ve had that level of involvement, they develop a strong ownership of the system when it is implemented in Google Sheets or other popular data apps.

That’s a win for Managers, a win for the business Team and a win for the Sys Admin and development people.

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